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In the age of CMS platforms like WordPress and website-builders like Wix, where exactly does the need for a website development company arise?

This question is most common amongst businesses interested in building a good company website. The question does not entirely lack merit. Money is a finite resource and spending it on a web development company seems strange. A WordPress website takes two hours to build.

One thing a business website cannot afford to appear as is sloppy. Many companies build great websites with the help of CMS tools like WordPress and Wix. However, they do not offer the same independence and design freedom that a proper website development company can.

In this article, we will try to understand the key differences between hiring a website development company and creating a website with tools and software like WordPress and Wix. We will also discuss the right web development agency for your company if you’re looking for one in New Delhi.

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In order to make use of a website, it first has to be capable of supporting your business. This is where the need for a website development company comes into the picture. If you have a business and want to build an attractive website to lure your clients and customers, hiring a whole team of web developers and designers on the payroll in one option. This option does work if you’re a big company with great resources to invest in. However, if you’re running a small-sized company, hiring a new staff of website developers is not an easy proposition. This is where a website development company helps.


Importance of Website Development Companies – An Analogy

It is best to understand the importance of a website development company with an example.

Some years back, the era of the ready-to-eat food industry was slated to explode. Everyone believed consumers would stop buying vegetables from roadside hawkers and retail vendors. Ready-to-eat food products were slated to replace the traditional process of cooking food.

The logic was simple. In a growing country like India with an increasing workforce, people would never have the time to buy vegetables, treat them at home, and finally cook. Instant microwavable food would undeniably be the more convenient choice.

However, we have no seen trend suggesting that people have stopped buying vegetables. If anything, there is a general acknowledgment that cooking and eating with fresh vegetables is a much healthier and better option than processed ready-to-eat food.

While some things may be fast and convenient,  they may not necessarily be readily accepted across the board.

Website development is similar when compared to CMS. While CMSs like WordPress and website builders like Wix may seem convenient and fast, they do not offer the independence a website developer does. Depending on the skill of the developer, a business owner can add any feature or functionality on his/her company website.

In the long term, you should put your money on a website development company. While building the website may take longer, the end product is much more suited to the specific needs of the business. Unlike WordPress and Wix, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

WordPress and Website Development – What are the Differences?

If you’ve made up your mind to create a website for your business, there are two options you have. One is to use the many CMS tools available on your cPanel to start building a website. WordPress is one such CMS. It is the most popular website making tool in the world. The number of websites built on WordPress is roughly 30%. A great number of people trust WordPress to build their websites.

Why do people trust WordPress?

For one, it is very simple to understand. Even a five-minute YouTube explainer video is enough to educate someone on WordPress. WordPress plugins make it very easy to run a website. They help expedite various parts of running a website. Since many people use WordPress, there are a lot of themes created from time to time for users to add to their website. Some of them are free and others are paid. In any case, options are provided to people running their websites on WordPress.

Website development is like starting from a blank slate. If you don’t know how to develop a website, you’d most likely start by hiring a website development company. The developers at the company would first take note of all your requirements and creative inputs on the website. Since it will be a website representing your business, it would need your input.

Unlike a WordPress website, you can literally do anything with your website while working with a web development company. There is no pre-determined theme that stops you from adding an extra feature somewhere on the website. You can make sure the website is exactly how you envisioned it to be as it is built from scratch.

This is not to say that WordPress websites are inherently inferior. Hiring a website development company simply offers a company that extra independence to build whatever it pleases. There is nothing stopping a business from developing any new functionality of feature for its audience provided it hires the right website development company

In this day and age when businesses are doing everything to stand out from the competition and develop new features, website development is the way to go. CMSs simply do not offer the wide functionality that can be covered by any given website development company.

Web Development Company or WordPress – Which One Should I Choose?

As an entrepreneur, you have to do what is right for your business. When it comes to creating a website, the decision is not one you should take lightly.


A website is not merely a tool to maintain the digital presence of your business. It is a representation of your very identity online. It is a way for your business to substantially grow and reach great heights. The potential of your business with a quality website getting good traffic is limitless.

So, a website is important for your business. The next question is which option should you choose: making a site with the help of a website development company or using WordPress.

A lot of factors go into making a decision between this question. We have discussed some of these factors below.  The factors will help you make a decision between a web development company or building a site with WordPress.

  • Your Goals

            The first and most important factor you should consider while making a decision is understanding your own goals. Every company has a different expectation from its website. Some just like to build a generic website with contact information, essentially creating an online calling card. Others have more concrete objectives such as lead generation or e-commerce.

If your goal is very common such as lead generation or blogging, choosing WordPress is probably the best option. You can consider CMSs like WordPress and Wix to achieve these objectives. In such a case, you do not necessarily need a website development company. You may still hire a website developer near you to ensure your WordPress website is completely optimized for speed and other factors. All in all, WordPress is a suitable option if the goal is simple.

For lofty goals like online retail and other business-specific requirements, hiring a website development company is the better option. You can rely on a web development service in helping you reach such complex goals.


  • Online Reviews and Record

The first and obvious factor you should check is whether the company you wish to hire for website development has a decent track-record and favorable reviews online.


  • Affordability

            People are often apprehensive to consider affordability to be an important factor out of needless embarrassment. Money is a factor that should be a universal metric in making business decisions. Yet, entrepreneurs are too afraid to say it out loud.

While choosing between WordPress and hiring a website development company, affordability is undeniably a big factor. If you’re a small business with a low budget for a website, maybe WordPress is the better option. Then again, if the success of your small business hinges upon your website, investing in a website development company becomes important.

As an entrepreneur, you have to always balance your priorities with financial realities. The decision between choosing a website development company and WordPress is the same.

  • Quality of Website Development Company

            Sometimes, a decision can be based simply on the perception and quality of the website development company. If there are no good options when it comes to a website development company, you should not even think about it. Wasting money on an incompetent company is the worst thing you can do.

On the other hand, if you know a website development company known for providing quality services, you should consider hiring it. As someone running a business, you have to sometimes play the odds. Paying over the odds for a good website development company may seem strange at first, but the decision would pay off down the line. Thus, you must consider the quality of a website development agency you are thinking of hiring.

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Final Words

In conclusion, we discussed the question of choosing between hiring a website development company and building a website on WordPress. The topics covered in the blog post provide readers an in-depth analysis of the choice and all the factors involved in making the decision.

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