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What is the fascination with service-oriented firms like a website development company?

In the digital age, the services are valued the most. We are reaching a stage where every product is becoming accessible at the click of a button. Quality and efficiency have both gone up in an effort to serve the audience. Companies like Amazon are built upon a combination of their simple user interface and high-quality service.

The reason to bring Amazon into the conversation is worth noting. Amazon is successful not just as an online retailer, but as being a diligent service provider. The store and the delivery mechanism together make the system whole. Without the quality service offered in terms of delivery, the company would have run aground by now.

The same can be said for a website development company. Five years back, website developers would hand over the website to a customer and the deed was done. Now, customers have come to expect more from every web development company out there. Simply making a good website is not enough. Now, a website development company has to be more service-oriented.

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This expectation has been built in the customers for many reasons.

For one, customers in the digital age are more educated about things than ever before. They know exactly what it takes to build a website.

For instance, consider a business professional looking to hire a website development company today. There is a good chance the professional knows that a website can be created for free using a CMS like WordPress.

If there is a free option available to create a website, why then would any sane business professional hire a website development company?

The answer is simple. The professional expects more from a web development agency these days.

In this article, we discuss a whole set of add-on services business can expect from a website development company.

What to Expect from a Website Development Company?

In order to satisfy customers, companies are being forced into providing a quality service. Smart companies have weaponized their ability to provide great service for capital gains. In India, companies like Amazon and Flipkart are prime examples of this trend.

At a more narrow level, we can see a move towards a service-oriented approach amongst website developers as well. Any website development company in the business today has to offer many add-on services besides just creating a website. The content below covers some such add-on services-

Web Design

Web design is important as the interface of a website is how people judge a business.

First impressions matter, despite there being many exceptions to the rule. Web design plays a defining role in helping shape first impressions.

It is not as if a website development company did not offer website designing services before. However, there was no expectation for them to be experts at it either. At best, a website development company used to hand over the website to their client business which would then hire a separate web designer.

This is not the case now. Once the website is ready, the website development company has to oversee the design part as well. This process involves clients and development companies working together to create a web design most suited to the former’s business.

Visit any website development company these days and you’d have website designers and UI/UX professionals in every team. Their need is apparent because customers no longer want to rush to a web designer once being handed the website.

Thus, a website development company has to change in this changing world and adapt. If they don’t, their clients have many other options and even WordPress to build a site on.

Digital Marketing

Some years ago, the idea of a website development company offering marketing services to its clients would have seemed ludicrous. And yet, now, almost every client hiring a website development company in Mumbai or other parts of India and the world has one question –what about digital marketing?

For those who haven’t been living under a rock, digital marketing is a way to promote a brand or the product and service it is selling through digital platforms and techniques.

In simple terms, any promotion done through digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and so on, can be lampooned under digital marketing. It is the one practice that helps a business, even a small one, hit the ground running.

Problems such as audience discovery, reach, and high marketing costs go out of the window with digital marketing. However, unlike website development, digital marketing is a more creative field and requires some level of patience.

Customers today expect a web development company handing over the website to also offer digital marketing services. This is true for a website development company in Mumbai or an agency in any other part of India or the world.

The lure of digital marketing is obvious. One reason a company commissions its own business website is to create its own digital footprint. It is not inaccurate to say that a large portion of the buying audience these days is online and active on digital platforms. Digital marketing is the technique to reach such audiences on digital platforms.

At UdeyTech, perhaps the best-known website development company in Mumbai, digital marketing is offered as a service. The digital marketing services at UdeyTech cover the following fields –

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Perhaps the most popular technique in digital marketing, every client of a website development company asks about SEO. It is one of the most potent marketing techniques ever designed. Why? Because it happens to increase a brand’s awareness organically. Businesses have to pay zero rupees to rank high on Google search rankings if they follow SEO guidelines.
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) – SMM refers to the marketing of a brand on social media. SMM consists of an array of different techniques, each social platform having its own way of facilitating marketing campaigns. There is no questioning the importance of maintaining social media presence in the present scheme of things.
  1. Content Marketing You don’t find anyone these days who doesn’t rave about the importance of content. Nothing makes the digital marketing world spin more than content. Content marketing is only the application of content to influence potential prospects into becoming customers.
  2. Paid Marketing Paid marketing covers all the different parts of digital marketing that rely on financial injection to work. Paid search campaigns through Google AdWords is a prime example of the same.
  1. Branding There are many ways to manage something like branding in digital marketing. The obvious technique is online reputation management, a technique which aims to maintain the reputation of a brand across different digital platforms. Content also has a large role to play in branding. With the right content, influencing the audience and setting the tone is much easier.

The best digital marketers in the industry manage digital marketing services at UdeyTech. It is one of the best website development company in Mumbai for the same reason.

E-Commerce Development

While e-commerce development may not be applicable to all businesses, it is certainly an asking point for many companies.

Online retail is growing at an unbelievable pace. People are turning to online platforms for all their everyday purchases. While physical retail continues to hold its ground, it would be foolish for businesses in our time to not take advantage of online retail.

So what can a website development company offer in terms of e-commerce development?

Many clients a typical web development agency has are actually physical retailers with a long history of being in the business. They tend to seek out website development companies to take part of their retail business online. The transition, by all means, is not easy and requires a lot of work.

A website development company can manage this transition well. Besides creating the right online store for the client, the company can also make sure the website gets visits from interested users with digital marketing.

There is no shortage of companies these days who are trying tooth and nail to get into e-commerce. It is a lucrative field and offers immense opportunities for the future. However, not everyone is able to get it right. There have been many online stores which simply do not take off due to myriad reasons.

Someone who wishes to build an e-commerce website can expect a website development company to deliver on that front.

UdeyTech helps out online retailers by building their website and later scaling it through digital marketing.

There are many reasons to build an online retail website. One thing people must make sure is choosing the right website development company for their business. The wrong choice while choosing a website developer can be harmful to a business.

This is why UdeyTech is the most reliable option. Those interested in hiring a website development company in Mumbai or other parts of the world can note the contact information below-


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Mobile: +91-9619065205

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Final Words

In conclusion, we discussed the common add-on services customers these days can expect from a typical website development company in Mumbai or other parts of India.

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