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Making Web Development Company about Your Identity

What is the real value of a web development company? When people hear the name of your brand, they’d first check out your website. The thing they say about first impressions is not wrong. A good web development company is essential for good first impressions. That is where we come in.

Want to make a good first ‘digital’ impression?

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Build A Business Website with Multiple Development Options

PHP Development

PHP is a programming language and generally finds use in making web pages more engaging and interactive. In order to make websites more interactive, PHP developer write complex code which runs on web servers. We can help your website become more interactive with incoming visitors through PHP web development.

JavaScript Development

JavaScript, like PHP, is a programming language used to make webpages more interactive. It can be added within the HTML code of a webpage in order to add a dynamic feature. Unlike PHP, JavaScript code is executed on the client’s web browser.

ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET is generally used for creating web applications and services for Windows and other platforms like Linux and Mac. The benefits of using ASP.NET are many. It’s cost-effective, fast, and involves quick setup. Applications developed on ASP.NET generally run faster compared to PHP. This is why companies offer ASP.NET website development services.

Python Development

Python is one of the more popular modern programming languages. It finds use in the development of a range of web and GUI applications. Any time a business is looking for web development services, it is probably looking for Python developers. The need for python for web application development is crucial.


Developing Websites for Real Engagement, Not Obligation

You must know many companies who have bad websites. These websites exist only as a formality. They don’t actually benefit the brand they represent and end up becoming a waste of digital space. We don’t make such websites as we believe this represents a myopic view of the current digital world. Our clients wish to leverage their website to grow their business. Unlike many websites which only exist for the sake of existing, our web development company build websites which attract real people and engagement.

A Website That Tells Your Brand Story

Your audience is more exposed to different brands now than ever before. Thanks to various different channels of social media and content, people are always hooked. To capture the attention of people, your website needs to stand apart in the market. Our work involves helping clients create a brand story which commands the attention of the target audience. Your authenticity, used as a tool to build a brand story, can help make your brand website stand its ground. Our web developers and designers build websites which help convey the brand story.

Talented Team of Developers to Create Ultimate Website

If you’re handing someone else the reins to build your website, you naturally want to get someone with a good track record. After all, your website is your baby. You cannot just hire any random web development company to create your website. Our team of web developers and designers come from the highest echelons of the tech space. For years, our team members have worked with the biggest companies in the world providing web development and design services. Their experience in this area is unparalled.

Our Website Development Process

Anything worth building takes time and involves a rigid process. Web development is no different. Our website development process takes cues from modern practices in the industry as well as our personal experiences in the field. The following steps highlight our way of working.
web development company

Research and Strategy

At the initial stage, we absorb information from our clients about the kind of website they’re expecting. Furthermore, we also research the audience who’d most likely come to a website. This helps shape our strategy for web development and design.

web development company

Design Prototype

Ultimately, people won’t scan your entire website. You need to impress them within the first one or two webpages. This means the role of optimal UI design becomes vital. In the second step, we help create the best UI design prototype for your brand website.

web development company

Laying Down Architecture

Once the UI design is settled, the next stage is perfecting the architecture. We study the website architecture of other businesses in your industry. We take the good and bad points to setup the best possible web architecture for you.

web development company

Rigorous Testing

A website may seem like a small property, but a lot of things can impede its proper functioning. We test every unit of your website and leave nothing to chance. Our focus on testing helps ensure there are minimal issues after website handover.

web development company

Going Live

Once all issues are rooted out, the website goes live after weeks of development. Our team studies the technical vital signs of the application and finally hands over the website to the client. From there on, the client takes control of the website.

web development companyweb development company

Feedback and Support

It is natural for clients to want certain changes to the website after receiving feedback from their audience. We provide support even after the handover to make sure the website ultimately performs the way our clients want it to.

Explore our versatile Portfolio

Would you feel safe flying in an aircraft flown by a pilot on his first flight? Would you feel comfortable letting a rookie surgeon conduct an operation on someone you care about or yourself? If not, then why would you let rookies build your website? Here’s the portfolio of our web development company showing the different websites we have built over the years.

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Website development
Forex Academy

Why Choose UdeyTech?

Your website will define your business in the future. You cannot risk running a bare minimum website which exists as an obligation. You need a reliable website development company. In other words, you need us.

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It is natural for you to have questions. Getting into website development is a serious undertaking, especially if you want to get it right. Here are answers to some questions you might have.

What is website development in layman’s terms?

In simple terms, the process of building a website is called website development. Different programming languages are used in website development. Ultimately, a good web developer would know which language and features to add based on the needs of the client.

Do I need to hire a web development company? Can’t I make my own website?

There is nothing stopping you from building your own website. In fact, you can use a CMS which will allow you to create a website without having knowledge of coding. Here is the problem – website development is a serious matter. First, you need to know how to become a web developer for web programming. If you are not in a position to learn, you need to hire a web developer. The web developer must know how to engage incoming visitors and convert them into real leads and prospects (possibly more than one if you expand your website). In short, you don’t need a website development company to make your website. However, you will need a web development company to make a good one.

If you’re not a professional in website development, should you risk your business fortunes?

You need a more professional hand at the wheel. You need web developers who know how to engage incoming visitors and convert them into real leads and prospects.

In short, you don’t need a web development company to make your website. However, you will need a web development company to make a good one.

How long does it take to develop a website?

The time it takes for website development varies on your requirements. Generally, it takes six to eight weeks to get a website running. The time frame can be longer or shorter than the prescribed time based on the requirements of the clients. Another factor is the quality of the web application development company you hire.

What if I need a website in a short span of time?

Generally, a web developing company is bound to make a mess of building website under a short deadline. At UdeyTech, we have perfected the art of developing and designing websites within a short span of time. We understand the urgency of certain clients and accordingly follow a website development process suited for expedited delivery of the website.

How would I know which language to develop the website in?

You can leave such questions to us. Our team of developers and designers have helped create websites and other digital applications for brands across different sectors. We know the type of technology needed to develop a website which meets your needs.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the final website or it doesn’t get good feedback from the audience?

Working with UdeyTech, you will get technical support after the delivery of the website as well. Our developers and designers will work with you to ensure the website meets your expectations.

Will I be kept in the loop during the website development stage?

A separate project team will be assigned from our side to create your website. This team will keep you informed about all the milestones achieved during the process.

Should I hire a web developer near me?

We live in the digital age now. Sitting in a remote location of the world, you can hire the best web development company in USA at the click of a button. The same is true if you’re sitting in New York and decide to hire a web development company in NYC. Look for the best companies out there. Don’t settle.

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