Eight Web Development Ideas to Change the World in 2020

Eight Web Development Ideas to Change the World in 2020-min

Good web development ideas hold crucial importance for companies, even in 2020. This is why we see a genuine push from companies to hire developers known to come up with great web dev project ideas.

People generally see website development as a very technical process. However, the one thing many miss is the innovation needed on the part of the developers. Game-changing web development ideas are few and far in between in 2020, as they have always been. Thus, their value is naturally higher.

We generally see mobile apps as a natural progression from websites. However, the impression that native mobile apps have replaced websites is faulty. It is true companies today are paying close attention to mobile app development. And yet, this has not come at the price of web development. Good developers with innovative web development ideas are still in demand in 2020.

It is fair to say that future generations will look back at this year as a cataclysmic moment. Times of great change are ripe for people with great ideas. Thus, 2020 is a great time to discuss stellar web development ideas and rise above all uncertainty to succeed.

There are still some months left before the year ends. Developers can still put many of their web development ideas to use and make a mark in 2020.

In this piece, we will bring to light some great web dev project ideas that can help developers get ahead of the market. 

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Eight Web Development Ideas You Need to Deploy

Ideas are cheap, but finding the right one is still difficult. Here are eight web development ideas that will help open your mind to some new ideas.

#1 A Time-Sharing Website for Books – One of the Unique Web Development Ideas for 2020

A Time-Sharing Website for Books-min

One of the major reasons people don’t buy books these days is the level of commitment it involves. Generally, readers are less likely to experiment on a new author or a book they don’t know about, especially when they’re buying a book. Thus, it’s difficult for new authors to break out partly because of commitment issues on the side of the readers.

A website that allows users to time share books work on many levels. Firstly, it removes the hurdle of commitment issues and makes the decision to read something new much easier for a reader. Secondly, this helps new authors a lot and gives them an incentive to work with the website and offer their work for time-sharing.

This is one of the better web development propositions in 2020 because the pandemic is making people take up habits they always wanted to, such as reading. Developers can create a time-based payment system. The longer someone wants to hold on to a book, the greater the fee they have to pay. In essence, visitors will be paying for time and not the book itself.

As far as web development project ideas are concerned, this is one of the few which developers should give a real try. It depends on developers whether they wish to sell physical books or online e-books.

#2 A Social Network for Entrepreneurs to Exclusively Find Co-Founders

In movies, we always see entrepreneurs starting their companies with friends working as co-founders. However, this doesn’t always happen in real life. There are many times when entrepreneurs don’t have a co-founder to start a new company with.

While some entrepreneurs are able to make it alone, some need a partner on their side. This is where a social network to find a co-founder is one of the phenomenal web development ideas of 2020.

LinkedIn is the de facto network for professionals, but it’s too muddled to serve the single purpose of finding a co-founder. This is one of those web development projects that can actually provide value to people looking for a serious solution. Developers should not consider this as part of the ‘web development project ideas for students’ category.

With the right design strategy and a strong team of developers, 2020 is the ideal year for web development ideas such as this one.

Before approaching such web application ideas developers must study the target audience and possible alternatives closely. Making a social network work is a very challenging task and developers have to think about various factors such as investment and incubation.

#3 A Netflix for Houses Available on Rent – One of the Best Web Development Ideas

A Netflix for Houses Available on Rent-min

People looking for houses on rent often avoid property dealers. This is because they charge a lot of money to locate a house. Even landlords don’t like property dealers a lot because they charge them for finding a tenant as well

Dissatisfaction is always a great place to brainstorm new ideas in. This brings us to one of the top web development ideas for 2020.

A Netflix for property dealers essentially implies the following.

The developers will create a website where users pay a fixed subscription fee (lower than the average price they pay to property dealers). For this fee, users will be shown any number of houses they wish to see. Once they finalize the house, they don’t have to pay anything to a property dealer. They can work directly with the landlord and move on.

In short, the website works as a real estate dealer for a small subscription fee.

Development ideas like these work especially because they remove the middleman, a bad word in 2020. They bring one party to the other party and charge a fixed price irrespective of the rent the tenant has to pay.

Again, before approaching these types of web application ideas developers must research their market well. Real estate is not an easy place and web developers must understand the space before jumping into the development process.

#4 Exit Plugin 

What if websites could display a message to users when they start leaving? An exit plugin essentially refers to a web application that allows websites to display a message to users leaving. As far as web development ideas in 2020 are concerned, this one is relatively common and easy to implement.

Developers can play around with the idea of exit plugins. For example, they can add a mechanism that allows websites to customize the message users see when they leave the website depending on the time they spend on the website or the content they see or read.

Exit plugins can become a great asset if developers give them greater functionality. At the moment, most exit plugins generally offer the option of adding a stale single message for all types of users. With greater innovation, exit plugins can grow out of being mere web development project ideas for students. Front end project ideas like these are helpful because they have a direct impact on the effort to optimize the user experience.

#5 A Social Media Force Multiplier

A Social Media Force Multiplier-min

Many companies come into existence every day and hope to ride on a wave of social media engagement. However, mastering the craft of social media is not an easy job. In fact, it takes a lot of skill, patience, and failures to succeed at social media marketing.

The reason for the struggle is simple – a lack of reach. New companies and brands simply don’t have a large enough reach to create an impact. Furthermore, they usually lack the resources to hire influencers for promotion.

This gap in the market presents an opportunity. Like many web development ideas ready for implementation in 2020, this one also directly solves a pressing problem.

Developers can essentially build a social media force multiplier and help new companies reach a larger audience.


To create a force multiplier for social media, developers first have to create a website that allows users to submit their content. This content can include articles, videos, images, or any other popular format of content. The editors of the website can spot the most impressive content and share it through popular social media handles. Thus, a small company can gain reach with the help of a website that chooses the best content on its platform and shares it across its social media handles.

The website will grow its own stature because of the vast swathe of content it receives. The social media handles will grow because they regularly publish the best content on their website.

#6 Personal Development Website

More and more people are trying to step out of themselves and grow on a personal level. However, they tend to suffer from a lack of direction.

One of the easier web development ideas to develop in 2020, this project will involve developers creating a website that forces users to actually take action and grow their personality. Here is how this works.

New users coming to the website will go through a personality test and the results will categorize users into different personality types. Each personality type has a particular type of weakness. For instance, introverts struggle with social interaction. The website will suggest a daily task to each user based on their personality type. These actions will challenge users to step out of their inherent habits and grow themselves.

This is a relatively easier project to take on partly because it doesn’t involve the implementation of any new unique ideas. For those looking for web development projects for final year, this one works just fine. Generally, front end project ideas like these work well because they combine proven concepts with something actionable.

It is up to developers whether they wish to list this under PHP project ideas web development. Developers can use a simple CMS to implement this particular website development idea.

#7 AJAX Login

AJAX Login-min

These are the kinds of ideas best suited for those looking for web development project for final year. They are too simple for a company to be interested in. However, they are hard enough to teach beginners the work it takes to develop websites.

An AJAX login page is generally known as one where the user doesn’t have to reload the page to check the validity of the log-in credentials. Instead, the log-in details are verified instantly.

This generally happens when users are creating a new password and a red-cross appears besides the field. It signals the password chosen is not strong enough to qualify. As the users type more, the red-cross is replaced by a green check mark.

This may not be one of the most revolutionary web development ideas of 2020. However, it makes for a good addition on the portfolio project ideas of web developers just starting out as freshers. Generally, one won’t find such a simplistic project amongst the web developer portfolio ideas of an experienced developer.

Thus, beginners in the field must complete this project and quickly move on to more complex web developer project ideas. Even today, one would find developing an AJAX login listed amongst the web development project ideas for beginners at a college or coding camp.

#8 SERP Notifier

SEO professionals constantly check their ranking on search engines for certain keywords. The exercise eats into many minutes of their working hours. Stopping professionals from checking rankings is impossible as they are the ultimate KPI.

SERP notifier is an idea for a website where SEOs enter all the keywords they keep checking every day. The website will essentially notify the SEOs whenever there is a change in search rankings. Users can be notified through a number of mediums, from SMS to email and even Whatsapp.

The task of developers while creating this website is to create a system in the background which checks SERPs within every five to ten minutes. If there is a change, users are immediately notified through the medium of their choosing.

This is exactly the kind of portfolio project ideas for web developers which elevate their standing in the industry. Furthermore, development ideas such as this one help a significant segment of professionals directly, something everyone admires in 2020.

In Conclusion – Web Development Ideas For 2020

In this piece, we covered eight web developer project ideas which can help developers grow their skills and even become popular in the industry.

Good ideas are never a luxury, more so than ever during turbulent times. 2020 is an example of turbulent times and thus it’s wise to discuss innovative web development ideas right now.

Some prospects in this list may only serve as web development project ideas for beginners. However, there are clearly web development projects and topics here that are perfect for developers with a stellar record in the field.

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