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There is a good reason many brands hire a UI/UX design company. A lot of people judge a mobile or website by how it looks. This is not a new change to the way of things. For ages, people judge thinks first by how they look. It is natural they will do the same for a mobile app or website. For brands, this means giving extra focus on hiring a good UI and UX design company.

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Which UI and UX Design Services Do We Provide?

Mobile App Design

A lot of brands today invest large sums of money in developing mobile apps. Development is not the only problem when we talk about mobile apps. In mobile app design, we help clients improve the look and feel of their app as one of the best UI UX agencies.

Mobile Prototype Design

Mobile prototype design is a complete breakdown of all the resources of a mobile app and how they will be connected. It takes place at the early stage of mobile app development. Our UI and UX design company helps clients explore each aspect of their app with mobile prototyping.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design or RWD is an extremely important tenet of every design process. It is important to check how each feature, function, or element performs across different devices. RWD helps in doing the same. With RWD, we help optimize how web resources perform on different devices.

E-Commerce Web Design

E-commerce web design, as the name suggests, refers to optimizing UI and UX design of an online store. Running a good online store isn’t just about setting up a store online. As one of the top UX agencies, we help clients optimize each little element that helps increase conversion.

Cross Platform Design

Cross platform design refers to reaching the optimal UI and UX across different platforms. Usually, the UI and UX design process covers one platform. With cross platform design, we help clients achieve design brilliance across different platforms. These platforms refer to different app platforms (iOS and Android) and website (mobile and desktop).

3D Design

Before investing a lot of money in developing a product for market, brands naturally want to know what their product would look like. 3D design helps in this regard. It allows for the creation of the product in a virtual environment. With 3D design, our UI and UX design company helps clients take a decision on their product.


Clarity over Clutter. Making Simplicity Focus of Design Process

Do you ever use an app or go to a website where you feel overwhelmed? The digital world is like the Wild West. There is too much clutter and little clarity. On top of this, many websites and apps today try to overload information on their platforms and drive people away further. The only way to truly engage with people today is cutting the clutter. Our UI design company specializes in the same. The job of our UX UI agency is to reach for a design level which makes things truly clear and simple for the audience.

Selling Experience First, Products Later

Every company today is selling an experience. The days when people would buy everything for purely functional reasons are now over. In order to sell more products, companies need to create a platform which offers a great experience. As an UX design company, our job is to help clients optimize their website and app to offer potential buyers the best experience possible. Thus, before selling products, brands have to sell people a good experience. At UdeyTech, our team of UX designers works on selling experience to potential customers.  

Where Art and Meets Craft – Our UI/UX Designers

An optimal design is achieved with a balance of artistic tendencies and astute craft decisions. All good designers are great at following their artistic path, but only great designers know when to let the craft mindset takeover. Craft, in essence, refers to the little elements which help real people observe the brilliance of a design. Whether it’s an empty canvas or a UI UX design website, the injection of art and craft is essential. At UdeyTech, we take great care in choosing a UI and UX design team which balances art and craft perfectly.

The Design Process of Our UI and UX Design Company

Every UI UX design agency has a different process. Unlike other technical processes like web or mobile app development, it is difficult to bind the UI and UX design within a set framework. Nevertheless, our team of designers follow a six-step process to help clients visualize our way of working.
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Getting Audience and Brand Inputs from Clients

The eventual design must naturally reflect the brand and its vision. Our designers sit down with clients to understand the type of audience they wish to reach. In this step, our designers start visualizing the eventual design and bounce off ideas with the clients.

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Audience Problems

The success of a design largely hinges upon whether it solves the needs of the audience. Aesthetic beauty needs to match with regular problem solving to have any impact. In this step, our designers chalk out the needs of the audience the eventual design has to fulfill.

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Once the audience needs our set, our designers start pulling various ideas out of the hat. This step is the most crucial as any combination of the ideas our designers come up with eventually becomes the final design. Our designers go by past experiences and changing trends to come up with ideas at this stage.

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Of all the ideas thrown up at the ideation stage, our designers choose a few to be sent to the prototyping stage. In this stage, the design ideas are turned into concrete designs. This is the stage where designers see a design come to life for the first time.

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Testing the Designs

After coming up with multiple prototypes, our designers test each with the target audience. Through methods like A/B testing, our designers study which prototypes have the most traction with the target audience. The popularity of individual features and units is also done at this stage.

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Feedback and Support

After the final design is deployed, we work with our clients to make changes based on incoming feedback. Slight tweaks are always needed even if the final design is great. Our UI and UX design company sticks with the clients until the very end to make all the necessary changes.

Explore our versatile Our Portfolio

If you’re thinking about choosing the best UI/UX design company, you’re not going to choose a rookie agency. You’d naturally need to see the entire portfolio of a UI/UX design company before making a decision. Our portfolio below shows the different UI UX designer websites our company has worked on over the last few years.

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Website development
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Why Choose UdeyTech as a UI/UX Design Company?

If you decide to hire a UI and UX design agency, you’ll find no shortage of options. However, only a few top companies realize the importance of balancing art with craft in UI and UX design. UdeyTech is one such UI/UX design company. With this principle, we ensure the needs of the audience are met with every design we work on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having questions is not a problem. Not having questions, on the other hand, can become an issue later down the road. Hiring a UI/UX design company is not a small decision. The FAQs below may help answer some burning questions you have about getting a top UI UX design agency.

What do UI and UX refer to?

UI and UX refer to user interface and user experience. User interface refers to the output you see when you open a website or an app. User experience refers to your experience using as website or application. Both UI and UX can be optimized with the right design choices. You can hire a top UI UX designer agency to help you with design problems or even establish an in-house team.

Is it important to focus on UI and UX design?

If your aim is to scale your business to a new plane, you need to get a UI UX development company. Good UI UX design firms will help optimize the experience of people who use your website and mobile app. If you’re in the business of selling products, services, or even generating leads, an authority on UI and UX design can help you reach you reach your goals. Things like developing the best UI UX design website or app are essential for every company that wishes to make the most out of every online session.

Do I need to hire a UI and UX design agency? Is this something I can’t do on my own?

If you have experience in designing digital properties like websites and mobile apps, you can live without hiring any of the top UI UX design companies. However, if you don’t have knowledge of UI and UX design, you have two options – hire a good company providing such services or build a team of in-house designers. If you’re a startup or a small business, hiring a UI UX design company is a more efficient option. Ultimately, you need to get a UI UX agency or some other design authority to get some insight. Whether you hire a UI UX company or build an in-house team is up to you.

How long does your UI and UX design company take to deliver a final design?

Our timeline depends on your specific requirements. For a standard project, we will deliver the final design within three to four weeks. If you need the final design sooner, we can establish an expedited timeline as per your requirements.

Will you provide support if the final design does not meet our expectations?

Our designers will keep you in the loop at all times. This will ensure you get to sign-off on every major design decision. However, if you’re not satisfied with the final design in the end, our team of designers will continue working with you until you’re satisfied.

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