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Shopify Development

To leverage Shopify, you need the best Shopify development company in the market. You need UdeyTech.

What’s Unique about Our Shopify Development Services?

What’s the first thing you want to know about a Shopify development company? Most probably, the USP of the services they provide. Most Shopify experts would attest to the distinct nature of Shopify website development services offered at UdeyTech. Here are some of the unique features

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Deep Online Retail Knowledge

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Speed in Process and Function

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Talent in Development

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Right Methodology

The online retail keeps changing all the time. Customers have to be converted using new methods. These changes extend to structural changes in Shopify design and development. At UdeyTech, every Shopify developer has in-depth knowledge of the machinations which go into building a good ecommerce platform.

To us, speed in website development and the website itself is crucial. A fast Shopify development process is to make our clients happy. A faster ecommerce website is likely to make potential customers happy. Our Shopify experts create a mechanism to ensure there is speed both in-process and function.

Top Shopify web designers and developers are always hard to find. At UdeyTech, our management takes a strategic approach to hire the best talent in the market. Every right Shopify development agency must have talented developers as well. Our approach ensures the best people want to work for our Shopify development company.

Having resources is not the only solution. Using the funds in a strategic manner is equally important. At UdeyTech, you will find us working according to modern methodologies that ensure website quality and optimal use of resources. We are the only Shopify development company to give a lot of focus to following a method.

Shopify Development
Services We Offer

JavaScript Development

Shopify Custom Theme Development

At UdeyTech, we help our clients with Shopify theme development. Not everyone likes using standard themes. We help develop fresh themes for clients.

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Shopify for Mobile

Any ecommerce website today is incomplete without mobile app integration. Our top Shopify developers integrate Shopify API with an existing client mobile app.

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Shopify Web Design

A Shopify web designer is essential for creating an ultimate shopping experience for customers. Our Shopify development agency makes sure the best web design is in place.

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Shopify Marketing Tips

Besides development, our Shopify experts also give clients limitless feedback on how they should market their store to the right audience.

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Payment Integration

We help add essential payment gateway needs to our clients’ Shopify websites. We make sure the gateway is secure and fast to improve user experience.

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Elastic Search

Elastic Search has one simple function – to help people coming to an online store to discover things with greater ease. We integrate the Shopify store with Elastic Search.

Here’s Our Shopify Development Portfolio

When it comes to Shopify web development, it is always safer to go with an experienced company. A rookie agency is more prone to errors. At UdeyTech, you will not find any faults, especially when we speak of Shopify development services.

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How Does UdeyTech Handle Shopify Web Development?

You will be surprised many companies who provide Shopify website development services actually have no real process. At UdeyTech, we work based on a well-researched process designed to ensure the best possible version of a Shopify development store comes out. Here’s our six-step framework to develop a Shopify website.
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Step One

Market Research to Understand Brand Expectations and Audience Needs
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Step Four

Testing Website for Bugs
JavaScript Development

Step Two

Settling on Web Architecture and Shopify Theme Development
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Step Three

Working on Shopify Web and Theme Development
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Step Five

Online Store Handover to Clients
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Step SIX

Providing Tech Support and Making Changes Based on Feedback

Why Are We Different as a Shopify Development Company? Puts UdeyTech in a League of its Own?

What makes a Shopify web development company like ours different? Is it our resources which are more than enough to help our clients grow and succeed? Is it because every top Shopify developer wants to work with us? No, UdeyTech is different because we treat our values as our ultimate North Star.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

For us at UdeyTech, delivery is not merely handing over a website in any shape or form. We don’t just believe in the delivery of a website. Our goal is to deliver quality and substance as well. In our Shopify web development company, you will find a push to deliver within a given deadline and beyond expectations.

Ideally, you want to hire a Shopify development company that understands every aspect of creating a perfect online store. In UdeyTech, you have a Shopify development agency that knows every facet of developing the best possible online store according to the need of its clients.

Would you feel comfortable hiring a Shopify development company that doesn’t agree to commit to a deadline? Would you feel comfortable paying the Shopify website development cost? At UdeyTech, you will find ever find Shopify developer ready to commit to hard deadlines.

At UdeyTech, we care about your Shopify website because your success ensures our long term objectives. Our Shopify development company believes in working towards developing a positive-sum game for our clients, their prospects, and us as the company providing Shopify development services.

Why Should UdeyTech be Your Only Shopify Development Company Option?

You have a number of agencies ready to offer the best Shopify ecommerce development money can buy. Why UdeyTech? Because we actually have a plan to make your business successful with our work in website development. We’re not just good at pitching. We actually have a plan to make you successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

When you go out to hire a Shopify development company, you have a number of options. With options come questions. Here are a few FAQs which may help you decide the kind of Shopify development services you need to hire.

What is Shopify? How is it different from other ecommerce solutions like OpenCart and Magento?

Shopify is the most popular ecommerce solution in the market. It is popular because it is simple to use for someone who doesn’t know how to code. As an ecommerce solution, there are a number of differences between Shopify and other ecommerce solutions companies. Shopify, unlike Magento and OpenCart, is a paid ecommerce solution. It is much easier to use compared to other ecommerce solutions.

Is Shopify an open-source? Do I have to pay money to install Shopify on my website?

No, Shopify is not open source. You have to keep paying Shopify a monthly subscription fee to use their ecommerce infrastructure. The most basic Shopify plan is priced at $29/month. You can get more loaded plans, but they cost more as well. The most expensive Shopify plan costs up to $299/month. The transaction fee varies from 2% to 0.5%. If you choose us as your Shopify development company, you will have to pay the additional Shopify charges. Our top Shopify developers will sit down with you and work out the best plan for your needs.

Is there a way I can learn how to develop a website with Shopify? Why do I need to hire a Shopify development company for the task?

Shopify is a very popular ecommerce solution that finds a lot of takers in the ecommerce game. So, you always have the option of finding free resources to learn Shopify website development. If you do start learning, you will eventually become as capable as Shopify experts in the arena. However, if your goal is to create an online store for your own company, the better option is to hire a separate company for Shopify development services. Doing this will allow you to focus on running your business and not get burdened with Shopify website development. Ultimately it’s your call, but hiring a Shopify development agency is a much better option.

How does Shopify stack up to other ecommerce solutions?

Shopify is a very popular ecommerce solution and widely used in the market. You can find a lot of material for Shopify website development thanks to its popularity. It comes with a whole range of different themes, is compatible with many drop-shipping names, and is the standard ecommerce solution of the market. You cannot go wrong with Shopify.

Does UdeyTech take a very long time to deliver a Shopify website?

No, we always handover the Shopify ecommerce website to our clients within the agreed deadline. Usually, it takes us 2-3 weeks to deliver a Shopify website to our clients. Sometimes, the Time needed can be more if the requirements of our clients are non-standard.

Can UdeyTech deliver the website in a shorter timespan than usual?

If clients need their website on short notice, they can opt for an expedited timeline. Our developers have the necessary mechanisms in place to deliver the Shopify store in a shorter timeframe than normal. This is what sets us apart as a Shopify development company.

Will UdeyTech Shopify developers provide any tips and insights on how to run my Shopify store?

Yes. In our many years of experience in Shopify website development, we have learned the need for educating clients in running an ecommerce website after completing the handover. Our team of Shopify experts ensures people running the store get all the information they need to run their online store well.

UdeyTech? Will I keep getting technical support for my Shopify website from

Our foremost aim at UdeyTech is to help with any technical difficulty you may have using your Shopify website. Our Shopify development company will make sure you get all the technical support you need even after the website is delivered.

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