Why UdeyTech is the right PHP Development Company for Your Business?


Need PHP development  company to make your website more engaging?

Why Our PHP Development Services Are the Best in the Market

In order to build a truly interactive website, you need to hire a PHP development company. Making a strong impression on the website audience is crucial for optimizing conversions. Our PHP development company provides services based on the following principles.

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Developing Eye-Catching Features

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JavaScript Development

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Modern Methodology

When we speak of a website, the only way to ‘wow’ incoming visitors is serving up amazing features. Dull websites get sighs. Interactive websites get widened eyes and curious looks. Our PHP development company will ensure you get a website which ‘wows’ your audience and creates a good first impression.

The reason people hire a PHP Development Company is to have a website with trending features. Thus, it is important for PHP based companies to keep updating their knowledge of PHP technology. You will not find a more technologically-able company offering better PHP application development services than UdeyTech.

You will find many firms who claim to be top PHP development companies, but fail to attract the best talent. At UdeyTech, we ensure the best PHP developers join our ranks. PHP developer jobs at UdeyTech are considered highly lucrative in the market. The presence of talented developers is a key reason our clients choose us.

The best talent, technology, and features is not enough. You need a PHP development company who know the most efficient path to help meet your goals. Our agile work methodology ensures the process of creating your website is never a hot mess. Trust us to provide the best PHP web services in the most efficient manner.

PHP Programming Technologies
We Work With

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Laravel is an easy-to-use PHP development framework. In a few years, Laravel has overtaken other PHP technologies. Every PHP development company must offer a strong base of Laravel.

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CodeIgniter finds a lot of use because some of the best PHP developers use it. Its main use lies in creating toolkits later used for creating full-fledged applications.

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Yii is an open-source PHP framework. It solves the limitations of the PRADO framework, namely poor management of complex pages and tedious customization of controls.

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Zend is a PHP framework typically used to develop large applications. Bigger companies looking for reliability over performance are likely to choose Zend.

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Cake PHP

Cake PHP is very popular because it involves less use of coding. Every good PHP development company must have expertise in Cake PHP to create simple and fast apps.

Here’s Our PHP Development Portfolio

We get it. You want to hire a PHP development company with a proven track record. As a company, UdeyTech is not new to this part of the tech world. Our team of developers has been doing PHP developing for years. Here’s our portfolio for confirmation –

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How Do We Manage PHP Development at UdeyTech?

Our process of developing PHP websites at UdeyTech is different from other companies. We take a more strategic approach to PHP web development. Instead of jumping head-first into giving clients generic solutions, we understand their needs and the expectations of their audience to setup the process.
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Step One

Market Research to Understand Brand Expectations and Audience Needs
JavaScript Development

Step Two

Settling on Features and Functions and Creating Mock Up
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Step Three

Developing Website with Modern PHP Technology
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Step Four

Testing Website for Bugs
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Step Five

Website Handover to Clients

What Sets Us Apart as a PHP Development Company?

Besides positive PHP agency reviews, what sets us apart? Over the years, we have worked hard to set ourselves apart in the market. We have the best talent in the market and the latest PHP technologies to work with. Here are more points to help you see our qualities.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

Working with a PHP development company, you will always feel worried about delivery. With us, you don’t need to worry about anything. Our methodology and development process has only one motto – delivery first. We know you don’t like little delays and quickly want your website to stand apart. Our job is to make this possible

You won’t find our PHP developers scrambling for PHP resources online when asked a question. Any PHP programmer at our company will know the exact technical solution to your problem. With us, you will never find the need to hire a PHP website developer of your own. You can relax as developers know your exact needs.

At UdeyTech, we make hard deadlines and stick by them. You would never have any confusion about when your website will get delivered. From the very beginning, we will establish a deadline based on your needs and commit to it. You won’t find us twiddling our thumbs waiting for the deadline. We will commit, and we will deliver.

We understand this simple logic – the success of our clients is our success. Our company vision centres on this simple principle. When we deliver your website to you, we don’t run away or stop taking your calls. We continue providing extensive tech support and make all the necessary tweaks based on incoming audience.

Why Choose UdeyTech?

Most PHP based companies have a good pitch to land a project, but no real plan to help you succeed. As one of the top PHP development companies in town, we do. You can choose us for our track record, modern methodology, and technology focus. However, you should choose us because we will help you succeed.

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Making a decision on hiring a PHP development company is not a laughing matter. After all, you essentially hand over the keys to your website to someone else. These FAQs will help you make a decision –

What is PHP Development?

PHP development refers to the development of web applications using PHP. .PHP is a programming language and finds many uses for creating interactive web pages. In modern day programming, PHP helps developers create and deploy attractive eye-catching features for web applications.

Why should I use PHP for website development?

There are many ways people can develop websites these days. Besides PHP, there is a whole list of other programming languages ideal for website development. There is even the option of using a CMS like WordPress. However, PHP development is the best option for websites because it has a very large community of developers. .PHP technologies and frameworks regularly see updates according to changing demands and trends.

Do I need to hire PHP development company? Can’t I learn it on my own?

Learning PHP development up to a level where you can create state-of-the-art websites will take a year, maybe more if you’re doing something else along with it. Are you ready to wait for such a long time to build the best possible website for your company? Hiring a PHP development company has many benefits, one being you get time to do what you know best – running your business. You don’t need to give any mind to PHP software or development if you hire a company. There are many PHP based companies that do a good job of making interactive websites for businesses.

How long does your PHP development company take to build a website?

Normally, we take six to eight weeks to create an interactive website. This timeline can increase or decrease depending on the requirements of our clients.

What if I need a website in a short span of time?

At UdeyTech, we have several ways to expedite the delivery of your website. We set deadlines based on the needs of our clients, not our own schedule.

How would I know whether PHP is the right language to develop a website in?

You can leave this question to us. Our team of developers is not just proficient in .PHP. Our expertise in developing websites also extends to other languages like JavaScript, ASP .NET, and Python. When you come to us with a query, we will help you find the best coding environment to build your website in.

Will I receive tech support after the website is delivered?

Our team of developers will continue providing you comprehensive tech support even after the website is delivered. We believe in making sure our clients are ultimately satisfied with the website they get.

Will I be kept in the loop during the website development stage?

You will get to interact with our developers as they build your website. As a PHP development company, we understand why our clients want to stay in the loop. We make sure this happen through the best possible communication channel.

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