10 Key Features of Online Grocery Store Websites

online grocery store


 online grocery store

The internet has simplified all aspects of the business – Online Grocery Store is not an exception. Today, the majority of people prefer online shopping than visiting physical stores for the goods they want. It is because of the convenience they have for purchasing and making payments. Also it saves both time and money. Besides, people can have the best and desired product in their hands without rushing anywhere. However, this business also comprises of several challenges to start.

Therefore, if you are an online grocery store you need to integrate the following features in your websites:


Responsive Website Design:


Of course, your website should have a good homepage, attractive color templates, display features and services and many more. Although there is something thing which you shouldn’t ignore, i.e. responsive design. The website of your online grocery store should be flexible to various screen sizes. Similarly, the content, features, and offers should be displayed flawlessly on their PC, laptop, and mobile phones. It should give a better user experience which may convert your visitors into valued customers.

online grocery store

Optimized Keywords for Product search:

For online grocery shopping stores, keywords strategy plays a vital role in the overall business. The product names are your keywords. However, you also need to focus on the words which not only represent your products but also solve the problems for your customer. It’s important to enter as many unique keywords so that your products appear as soon as the user types them. The optimized keywords on your website will display your products flawlessly and ultimately tempt them to buy.


High-Resolution Images:

Nowadays, just posting up a product’s image and its price tag are not enough to attract your customers. However, people want to see the products closely from different angles. Good and appealing images increase the user experience and compel them to buy your products. In contrast, failing to provide such functionality may increase the abandon rate which is not a good sign for online grocery shopping & delivery business.


Product Descriptions:

The product description is very important aspect of online grocery stores because it can affect the overall online business. A product description is a strategy used to describe a product’s value proposition. For example, you have food or vegetable products, you can provide customers with details such as manufacturing date, expiry date, and the nutrients facts they carry. This helps solve the problems and highlight other benefits which can generate more sales. This aspect is very crucial to increase online sales.


Shopping Cart:


online grocery store

Shopping cart is one of the inevitable parts of the online shopping business. It enables a user to facilitate their buying decisions. However, online stores can’t run smoothly without a digital shopping cart while handling a heavy user at a time. It also helps the management of the customers during peak hours. Similarly, shopping cart facilitates them to pay the total sum of the products at a time. For, they don’t have to pay separately for each product.


Cheap/free Shipping Options:


online grocery store

According to the research, about 58% of customers are willing to add more goods to their cart to qualify for free shipping. However, many shopping carts are abandoned due to the high total after adding shipping. Similarly, expensive or unexpected shipping charges may irritate the customer. As a result, they tend to seek for next shopping option. Therefore, online grocery stores should provide free shipping, if not at least cheap shipping options.


Product Return:

This feature can prove a great tool to establish a cordial relationship with your customers. It will also facilitate your customers to replace or return the goods if they are damaged. Similarly, they can also complain about any other related problems. This helps to make them loyal to your business and hence they feel free to buy goods from you.

Reorder and Repeat Order:

For this, you should add a feature for easy registration of your customers. When your customers have accounts on your websites, it will enable them to return something that they ordered previously. This feature has basically two benefits. Firstly, your existing customers can reorder or repeat orders from their accounts. Secondly, if you are an online B2B entrepreneur it will be easy for you to track an order and supply the repeated goods.


Multiple Payment Options:

online grocery store


As an online grocery store, you should provide your customers with multiple payment options. This should be done according to the market scenario you operate into. Furthermore, try to provide multiple and secure payment options such as via cards, mobile e-payment options. Similarly, seek for the best local, reliable, and cost-effective payment gateways. After all, the entire process should be safe and secure.

Reviews and Ratings:

This feature is an essential tool to build trust and create the branding of your online grocery store. With this system, the customer can share their feedback with the products they bought previously. Furthermore, comments, reviews, and ratings function as evidence that how trustworthy you are in the market. This helps build a deep relationship with your customers. It also helps retain the existing as well as prospective customers.

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