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Mobile Prototype Design

App design is a visual matter. Our mobile prototype design company will help you see how designs function.

Why Are OurMobile Prototype Design Services Special?

When you hire a mobile prototype design company, you expect something more than designers using a random phone prototype maker. You expect a higher level of competence which matches the money you pay. Seeing our mobile prototype design services, you will know why we are a safe bet.

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Knowledge of Terrain

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Speed in Work. Speed in Feedback

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Best Design Talent

Proven Methodology

Every mobile prototype design company must know the constant flux the design domain is in. New models of phones release every month and change expected design standards. UdeyTech does not fiddle around with a phone prototype maker. It knows its terrain well as a top mobile prototype design company

Prototyping is generally done to make clients see what their mobile app will look like before proceeding to design and development. In short, it is a safety measure to make sure the clients like the overall look. Our mobile prototype design company is known for prototyping quickly in order to gain client approval and move on to development.

In prototyping, one thing is always clear. Good and talented designers will always do better work. Our focus at UdeyTech is always to hire the best designers because they will ultimately make our firm successful. We have hiring strategies in place which generally manages to get the best design talents into our little part of the world.

Knowledge and talent is not enough. They are essentially resources which have to be put to use under a proven methodology. A methodology is useful because it gives clear directions on how to use available resources. Our mobile prototype design agency follows a proven methodology of work because it helps us meet client commitments and company goals.

Mobile Prototype Design Technologies
We Use



Invision is the most popular prototyping tool. We use Invision because of its innate ability to help designers create engaging mock-ups of a mobile app.



MarvelApp is famous because of its ease of use. We use MarvelApp because it helps in projects where we collaborate extensively with our clients.


Generally used by Apple consumers, Framer allows designers to create a systematic visual process of how a mobile app works. It offers artful icons and styles for prototyping.


Sketch is a vector-based design tool. It simplifies complicated aspects of mobile prototyping such as resolution and screen density and frees designers up to explore their creativity.


Adobe Experience Design

Adobe arrived late to the prototyping scene, but it won designers over with XD. Its USP is that it syncs with other Adobe products, including, above all, Photoshop.


Just in Mind

Just in Mind is a versatile design tool which comes with a large number of widgets app designers can use while creating the perfect mobile prototype.

UdeyTech Mobile Prototype Design Portfolio

When it comes to hiring a mobile prototype design firm, you need a stable hand on the wheel. In matters like mobile app design and development, prototyping is supposed to be the safety net. Thus, a company with a solid track record is the right choice. Our portfolio as a mobile prototype design company highlights our track record.

website development
Website development
Forex Academy


How Do We Go About Mobile Prototyping at UdeyTech?

No matter where you go, a website development company in Los Angeles or an app design agency in Seattle, a process of working is essential. Even in a field like design where creativity and innovation are needed, our mobile prototype design company follows a well-research process. Here’s our six-step process for your understanding.
JavaScript Development

Step One

Research to Understand the Market
JavaScript Development

Step Four

Turn Sketch Ideas into Wireframes
JavaScript Development

Step Two

Problem Identification
JavaScript Development

Step Three

Primary Screen and Theme Ideation
JavaScript Development

Step Five

Combine Wireframes into a Functioning Prototype
JavaScript Development

Step SIX

Taking in Client Feedback and Making Final Changes

Our Values as a Mobile Prototype Design Company

In a cynical world, values don’t matter. Our mobile prototype design company believes in value because we don’t believe cynicism helps in the long run. Although we have adequate resources, it is because of our values that clients tend to remain with us. Thus, it is fair to say our core company values have served us well.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

With UdeyTech, we don’t talk about mere deadlines when we speak of delivery. In mobile prototyping, delivery in quality is even more important than punctuality. Thus, our primary value as a mobile prototype design company is deliverance in both time and quality.

In mobile prototyping, there is always a new tool with better features. Clients don’t trust a prototype design firm which uses an outdated phone prototype maker. They trust a firm with talented developers well-versed in the latest tools and trends. At UdeyTech, we always seek to learn and know more to help our clients grow and succeed.

Whether you need a website development company in Los Angeles or a design firm in Dallas, you need to be sure the firm you hire commits. Commitment is crucial because clients have to invest real money in the project. UdeyTech is confident in making commitments in mobile prototyping because we have mechanisms in place to meet them.

We care because we believe in working hard and creating a positive sum game. If we do our job well and build the best mobile prototype design, our clients will also benefit and succeed. We don’t believe in the negative sum game of delivering crappy products. This is why we care. A positive sum game above all helps all parties involved.

Why is Our Mobile Prototype Company the Right Fit for You?

Why are we the right fit? At any mobile prototype design firm, you will get a perfect pitch. Most firms are great at marketing. However, when you ask them about a real actionable plan, you will get silence. This is the difference between UdeyTech and the rest. We actually have a plan to help you succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

So you need a mobile prototype design company to help plan your app design and development needs? The prospect involves a lot of risk and you have questions. We get it. Here are some FAQs which will answer some questions you might have.

Q) What is mobile prototype design really about?

A) In simple words, mobile prototype design helps clients see a functioning version of a website or app before it goes into design and development. This is viewed as an essential process because it gives clients a clear idea about what their app or website will look like on a mobile phone.

Q) Is prototyping really that important? Can’t I just jump into the development part?

A) The objective of mobile prototype design is to give clients different options. Once an entire app or website goes into development, it is too late to talk about certain fundamental design and development aspects. Through different mobile prototypes, clients can see a hollow version of what a final app or website might look like. Thus, it is an insurance policy before going into development.

Q) Can’t I learn mobile prototyping on my own? Why do I need your mobile prototype company?

A) Of course, there is nothing stopping you from learning mobile prototyping and doing everything on your own. These days, there are many online courses which specifically teach UI/UX design for mobile apps. You can join any of these courses and start learning. However, to become good enough to create a world class mobile prototype, you need to learn and do practical work until you’re ready. This means it could take you a year at the very least to become good at mobile prototyping. For most people, such a long period of time is untenable because they also have to run their business. Thus, the best option is to leave this headache to a professional mobile prototype design company.

Q) Should I build my own team of designers or hire a separate mobile prototype design company?

A) The answer to such a question can vary and there is no universally correct thing we can say here. Nevertheless, here’s our take. If you’re just starting out with mobile app design, taking on the burden of hiring talented designers and bringing them on the payroll is far too tedious. A better option is to hire a mobile prototype company that can help set you on the right path. Once you have an app, you can then start building a tech and UI/UX team.

Q) How many days or weeks do you need for mobile prototyping?

A) The answer to this question varies. Generally, we can develop a working mobile prototype within ten days. However, if our clients need something more than the standard prototype design, we might need more time.

Q) What type of technologies do you use for mobile prototyping?

A) Our mobile prototype design company uses all the latest tools and technologies for mobile prototyping. Generally, we use tools like Axure, Marvel, Adobe Experience Design, Invision, Balsamiq, and so on. All these tools are cutting edge and at the forefront of mobile design. As far as the usage of technology is concerned, you needn’t worry as our focus is always on helping your cause.

Q) Do you have a team of dedicated mobile prototype designers?

A) Yes, we have an entire design team which is compartmentalized into different departments because of the sheer scope of the field. One such department belongs to prototype designers who have years of experience in the field. There focus above all else is to help clients get the best representation of their mobile app or website.

Q) What is the cost of hiring your mobile prototype design company?

A) We are the type of mobile prototype design company that believes quality should not necessarily be premium. Thus, we don’t believe high prices will make us look distinct and elite. Our goal is to offer premium services at an affordable price. Since the requirement of each client varies, we cannot share the exact cost of our services. For an exact quote, you should immediately contact us.

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