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Why should you hire an mobile app development company? According to TechCrunch, there were 204 billion mobile app downloads in 2019 alone. That’s nearly 26 mobile app downloads for every person in the world! The obsession drives the need for brands today to think about hiring an mobile app development company to develop a mobile app and reach their audience.

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Android App Development

Android is the most popular mobile OS in the market. This naturally makes it the most important for app developers and brands looking for them. Generally, Android app development is done through languages such as Kotlin, C++, and Java. Since Android is an open source, developing and deploying an Android app is much easier.

IoS App Development

IoS app development finds use in developing applications for devices running on Apple’s very own mobile OS. In IoS apps development, an app developer usually uses Xcode on their Mac machines to write applications. However, app developers also have additional options to develop IoS apps with app development software serving as Xcode alternatives.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development simply refers to developing programs for multiple mobile platforms. It is a pain to develop apps for each mobile OS. Cross-platform development cuts the clutter and allows app developers to use HTML5 or JavaScript to develop an app. Later, native device wrappers are added to make them compatible with different mobile platforms.

AR & VR App Development

In popular culture, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are pushed into the mobile games domain. AR and VR app development opens a door into the future for many brands. Making people visualize and experience brand products through a mobile app is something every brand should be interested in.


Get Escape Velocity to Launch Brand with Mobile App

These days, a brand can’t just have a mobile app as a prestige point. A mobile app needs to help launch brands into a different plane. Otherwise, investing a great amount of resources in developing and maintaining an app is futile. We develop mobile apps that successfully bring together the different things a brand has to offer to its audience. In order to go beyond what the competition is doing and attain necessary escape velocity, we provide clients app development services which set brands apart from the market.

Pushing App to Promote Brand Story

As you may know well, your audience is likely to have a low attention span in the digital age. By bringing audiences into a native mobile app, a brand can use the undivided attention of their audience as leverage. However, to develop an app which captures the attention of the audience, brands need the app to tell the brand story. A brand story doesn’t refer to a fictional narrative. Instead, it is an effective representation of everything a brand has to offer. Our job is to help clients create app which tells their brand story and captures the audience’s attention.

App Developers with Knowledge of Latest Technology

Brands cannot afford to have a mobile app which is lagging in features and functionality. Our team of app developers will help ensure your app meets all standards of a modern app. For instance, if a competing app has a simple feature like OTP auto-detect and your app doesn’t, you will lose some of your audience. Unlike a website, the features of a mobile app always need to meet modern standards. You need technological resources to make sure your app meets necessary standards. Our Mobile app development company stands ready to deliver on this front.

Our Mobile App Development Process

App development is one of the most technically challenging tasks today. Developing a good app which meets industry standards requires app developers to work within the right framework. At UdeyTech, our app developers do to the same. The following steps highlight our app development process.
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Market Research and Development Strategy

At the initial stage, we research the specific features a mobile app from your industry needs to have. Based on our findings, we layout an app development strategy that covers details like features, timeline, and so on.

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Settling on Look and Feel

Before starting development, we work with our clients to settle on the UI/UX aspects. We want to know the look and feel our clients expect from their mobile app. Thus, our UI/UX designers sit down with clients to work out the right design prototype.

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Laying Down Architecture

App development is like constructing a building. Everything needs to come together eventually, from the bricks to the piping and electrical wires. In this step, we lay down the app architecture that establishes how the front and back end work together.

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Testing the App

Any time an app crashes, a user feels irritated. We understand the need to have apps free of bugs and fully optimized to prove a great experience. Our team of app developers tests every module of the app to check if everything is in order.

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Launch and Handover

After rigorous testing of the app is done, we finally move to making the app live. Once the app receives approval from app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we handover the app to our client.

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Feedback and Support

Once the app is live, it is natural for our clients to get feedback on the app from their audience. We work with our clients after the app goes live to make necessary changes. We provide tech support until our clients are satisfied.

Our Mobile App Development Portfolio

If you’re going to choose an mobile app development company to make your application for you, you need to choose wisely. Developing a mobile app requires a tremendous application of technical skills. The portfolio below drives homes our credentials in providing app development services.

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Website development
Forex Academy

Why Choose UdeyTech?

A company decides to develop a mobile app when it wishes to beat the competition and climb a rung in the market. We understand this very natural ambition in businesses. This is why our app development strategy takes care of clients in such a way that the vision of their brand becomes one with the mobile app.

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It is a good thing if you have questions before getting into app development. If you choose to hire one amongst many app development companies, the price isn’t cheap either. The answers below will help you make a better decision.

What does app development mean in simple terms?

We come across mobile apps every day when we use our smartphones. The process of creating these applications is called app development. Since creating an app is a very technical process, brands end up hiring app development companies.

Can I make an app on my own? Do I need to pay for an app development company or hire app developers near me?

If you have the resources to build a new tech team for developing an app, or are ready to learn how to develop an app yourself, you can make a mobile app on your own. In fact, there are many online resources which teach app development. However, if you’re serious about using your mobile app to grow the brand, hiring a good app development company is the better option. You may feel reluctant to hire a company because of steep app development cost. However, venturing into app development yourself without any experience can become a very expensive disaster in the long run.

How much time does it take to develop an app?

Generally, it takes 2-3 months to develop an app. Depending on the features and expectations, the time duration can increase or decrease accordingly. The timeline can also go up and down depending on the app development company you choose to hire.

Is there any way to develop a mobile app in a short span of time?

Generally, app development companies are not able to expedite their development process. However, at UdeyTech, we have an enhanced app delivery process. If the client requires faster development, our team of developers and designers deploy a faster process.

Will I get tech support after the mobile app is handed over?

We always provide our clients technical support after the delivery of the mobile app. This is to ensure any feedback our client gets from their audience and customers is incorporated.

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