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Why Are the JavaScript Development Services at UdeyTech Unique?

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JavaScript is the most popular language for website development. If you go in the market, you will have many options if you’re looking for a JavaScript development company. Why then should you choose UdeyTech? Our JavaScript development services are unique when stacked against other companies in the market. Here’s how –

Efficient Techniques

Fast Delivery

Optimal Delivery Timeline

Best JavaScript Developers

Modern Methodology

Modern Methodology

JavaScript is very popular largely because it is a client side language. Its processing is done on the client’s processor, reducing the load on the server. Thus, those who hire a JavaScript development company are looking for efficiency. At UdeyTech, our developers use mechanisms which make the use of JavaScript for web development much easier.

Another reason for choosing JavaScript development is speed of delivery. Brands want their websites to be delivered quickly which is why they choose Java Script, a language most developers know. At UdeyTech, we put in place a framework which ensures smooth development of websites within the agreed deadline.

Which is the best JavaScript development company? The answer is often the company which has the best JS developers. At UdeyTech, you won’t find developers scrambling for a JavaScript tutorial. Our people know their stuff, and they more importantly know how to make your website a success with their knowledge of Java Script.

We are efficient, fast, and talented in JavaScript, but there is one more quality central to our distinct brand. At UdeyTech, we subscribe to modern work methodology techniques. These techniques are known for making the actual ‘way’ of working more efficient. Companies must strive to improve and we do the same at UdeyTech.

JavaScript Technologies
We Work With


React JS

React JS is used primarily to make a given piece of code easier to debug. It is essentially a library and maintained by mega companies like Facebook and others.


Node JS

A very popular JavaScript technology, Node JS is a run time environment which allows developers to execute code outside a browser. It can be used on a number of platforms.


Ember JS

A relatively new JavaScript framework, Ember JS is used most often for developing single page web apps using common tools. It works on a Model and View design pattern.


Vue JS

The biggest application of Vue JS lies in creating beautiful UI designs. It is a JavaScript framework which is open source and designed on a model view pattern.



jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library. Most websites using JavaScript also use jQuery as their library of choice as it allows the addition of new features during development.


Meteor JS

Meteor JS is a more progressive web framework that allows developers to deploy rapid prototyping. JavaScript mobile app development is usually done using Meteor JS.

Here’s Our JavaScript Development Portfolio

Hiring a company to use JavaScript for web development without checking its portfolio is a mistake. Your website is your representation and should not hand it over to a rookie agency. Here’s our JavaScript development portfolio for you to consider –

website development
Website development
Forex Academy


Our JavaScript Development Process

Whether it’s JavaScript app development or another practice, the process of doing it varies. Good agencies deliver what they commit to. Great ones deliver and follow the best possible process. Given below is a well-researched six-step process we use at our JavaScript development company to make websites.
JavaScript Development

Step One

Market Research to Understand Brand Expectations and Audience Needs
JavaScript Development

Step Two

Settling on Features and Functions and Creating Mock Up
JavaScript Development

Step Three

Developing Website with Apt JavaScript Technology
JavaScript Development

Step Four

Testing Website for Bugs
JavaScript Development

Step Five

Website Handover to Clients
JavaScript Development

Step Six

Providing Tech Support and Making Changes Based on Feedback

What Puts UdeyTech in a League of its Own?

We know our clients have many options when they look for a JavaScript development company. This is why we work hard to set ourselves apart in the market. We are better in terms of speed, efficiency, and programming talent. However, it is these values which truly set us apart.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

You will find a rampant cynicism about the delivery of what a JavaScript development company commits to deliver. We work very hard to ensure we don’t become part of this cynicism. Our clients expect on-time delivery and we deliver. It’s that simple. Our mechanisms ensure our delivery process doesn’t fall out of line.

We know what our clients expect from us. Whether it’s making sure the mobile JavaScript version of a website works well or optimizing design for audience engagement, our developers know exactly what our client needs. You won’t find reasons to doubt the expertise of JavaScript for web developers at UdeyTech. 

Why should you hire a JavaScript development company not ready to commit to a concrete date? The act of committing is important and sets a good company apart from a bad one. Whether it’s Android app JavaScript development or website enhancement, we are always ready to commit to a hard deadline because we believe we’ll meet it.

At UdeyTech, we believe in positive sum relationships. Only your success makes our long term success a reality. This is why you will always find our developers putting in the extra effort to make your website a success. We don’t just deliver what the client demands. We deliver what has real potential to succeed in the market.

Why Choose UdeyTech?

When you talk to our JavaScript development company about your website, you will notice a difference. Unlike most companies who are only good at pitching but have no real plan for your success, we have a clear idea about what may help you. This is because of our long experience developing successful websites for companies from wide ranging sectors.

Projects Completed
Team Members
Satisfied Client
Years Experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

As we get into the FAQs, it is important for you to consider your decision of hiring a JavaScript development company carefully. It is natural to ask questions at this juncture. This list of FAQs will help clear your mind about the process.

Q) What is JavaScript Development?

A) JavaScript is a very popular programming language used extensively across the world for website development. While the language is most popular for frontend development, JavaScript backend is also relatively popular.

Q) Why is JavaScript used by so many websites?

A) The reasons why JavaScript is used so extensively are many. First and foremost, JavaScript is very easy to learn. It is often the very first programming language a beginner learns. Second, it is a client side language. All companies who want to save money buying expensive servers like using JavaScript to reduce high-end server requirements.

Q) If JavaScript is really so simple, can’t I learn it and develop my own website? Why do I need a JavaScript development company?

A) JavaScript is an open source language. You can learn it and develop websites, applications, and many others without anyone stopping you. Of course, you don’t have to hire a JavaScript development company. You can go about this on your own. Here’s the problem. You have a business to run as well. If you’re looking at JavaScript for web development of your own business website, do you really want to wait until you become a good enough programmer? Normally, it takes a person twelve months to become proficient at JavaScript. If you are willing to give so much time to JavaScript, go ahead and develop your own website. If not, you can bank on us to help you out.

Q) How much time does it take for your developers to build a JavaScript website?

A) The timeline can vary depending on the kind of features and functions our clients want. A standard website will take us six weeks. Again, we can finish the job faster if the client needs the website delivered at an earlier date.

Q) How do you ensure quality when delivering a website in a short timespan?

A) We are not spring chickens when it comes to this line of work. Our JavaScript development company has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. We have also learned from our mistakes and created mechanisms over time to ensure fast delivery without any compromise on quality.

Q) How can I decide between choosing JavaScript, Python, ASP.NET, or PHP for website development?

A) If you don’t have a technical background, making this decision is impossible for you. This is where our team of developers step in. You don’t need to worry about which programming language to choose as long as you’re working with us. Our experts will study your needs and audience and come up with the best possible solution.

Q) Will I receive any support after getting the website?

A) Yes. Our team of developers will continue providing tech support until the time you’re ready to operate the website on your own. We will also make any changes to the website you want us to make if the audience feedback demands the same.

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