Why UdeyTech is the Right iOS App Development Company to Expand Your Brand?

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Help your clients grow with our iOS app development company.

Why Our iOS App Development Services are Worth Every Penny Paid?

Building an app is slowly becoming a step towards vertical growth. Companies want an app to make a permanent home in people’s devices. The first challenge, naturally, is hiring the right iOS app development company. This is where UdeyTech can solve your problems. Here are some unique qualities of our iOS app development services.

Deep Understanding of Challenges-min

Deep Understanding of Challenges

Fast Delivery-min

Fast Delivery

Best iOS Developers-min

Best iOS Developers

Modern Methodology-min

Modern Methodology

iOS app development is not a joke. The quality of your app depends on the iPhone app development company you choose. With our experience and track record, you can leave the worries of Apple app development to us. UdeyTech is an iOS app development company which understands every challenge in the process

Do you notice most companies telling you the long time needed for Apple app development? We don’t. You won’t find our iOS app development company asking for time. Unlike competitors, we have enough experience to avoid the dangerous chasms one can fall in during iPhone application development. This is why we deliver apps in an optimal timeframe.

Many things go into making a good iPhone app development company. Nothing makes a greater contribution to the process than getting the best iOS developers. We at UdeyTech follow a very strategic approach to get the best iPhone app developers in the industry. You will always see us being called the best iPhone application development company for developers.

Here’s the thing. These days, following an optimized process in app development is crucial. It is no longer enough for an iPhone application development company to have the best talent. The iPhone app developers need to develop work habits which enhance the quality of the product. At UdeyTech, we follow a well-researched modern methodology.

iOS App Development Technologies
We Work With



At its core, iOS SDK (software development kit) is a toolkit used by developers during Apple app development process. SDKs are used in other operating systems as well.


Xcode is an IDE used specifically for developing applications and software for iOS and Mac. It can only be run on MacOS and was developed by Apple.



Swift is a programming language used for developing applications for iOS, Mac, other Apple operating systems. It was developed by Apple back in 2014.


Objective C is seen by many as the original language used to develop apps and software for Apple operating systems. It is OOP language bringing Smalltalk-like messaging to C


InVision is a workflow application used mostly by designers working on iOS and Android apps. It’s known for its role in helping developers design iOS apps.



XCTest is an app testing framework used for iOS testing. Its most common use lies in running UI level tests for iOS apps.

Our iOS App Development Portfolio

When it comes to app development, especially on iOS, you cannot afford to hand over the job to rookies. You need an experienced iOS app development company at the helm with a stellar track record. In other words, you need us.

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Website development
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The iOS App Development Process We Follow

Our iPhone app development services are well-known primarily because of our methodical approach to the process. Not many other firms show as much discipline in their development process as we do. Here’s the six step development process we follow at our iOS app development company.
JavaScript Development

Step One

Market Research to Understand Brand Expectations and Audience Needs
JavaScript Development

Step Two

Settling on Features, Functions and Creating Mock Up
JavaScript Development

Step Three

Developing iOS App with Suitable Technology
JavaScript Development

Step Four

Testing App for Bugs
JavaScript Development

Step Five

App Handover to Clients
JavaScript Development

Step SIX

Providing Tech Support and Making Changes Based on Feedback

What is Different about Our iOS App Development Company?

We know enough about the app development domain to know the need to be different. Our clients have always found us distinct from the industry at large. Why? Yes, we have the best developers, a modern methodology, and an efficient turnaround time, but it’s our values which help us stay ahead and above competition.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

How do you feel when you pay money for iPhone app development services, get it after weeks of delay, and it’s in no shape to go to market? Delivery is not just about completing the act itself, it’s also about doing it well. Our iOS app development company understands these little things and always delivers.

iPhone apps development is a serious process. An iOS development company must have the answers to all technical challenges while building an app. At UdeyTech, our experienced developers know every facet of the development process, making us one of the top iPhone app development companies.


Our iOS app development company never refrains from committing to a deadline. You will always find companies fumbling over their words when asked to commit to a deadline. At UdeyTech, we are always ready to commit to deadlines because we have mechanisms in place to ensure all deliverables within an expedited timeframe.

Our iOS application development company understands one simple thing – only client success can bring us success of any kind. Only in the growth of our clients can we succeed. This is why you’ll see our developers going the extra mile to help your cause. UdeyTech is an iOS app development company which cares for your success.

Why Choose UdeyTech?

An iPhone and iPad app development company you consider hiring may probably say all the right things to lure you, but does it have a plan for your success? Pitching and selling are not qualities you look for iOS application development services. Unlike others, UdeyTech does have a plan to see you succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

Questions are important. You came all this way to know about our iPhone application development services. It is natural you have questions about UdeyTech as an iOS app development company. These FAQs will help answer some questions.

Q) Do I have to develop android app separately from iOS app development?

A) Yes, the iOS app you get from us won’t be compatible with android devices. In order to launch an android app, you need to think about Android app development.

Q) What is the use of launching an iOS app? Isn’t an android app enough?

A) Not developing an iOS app at all is extremely short-sighted. Apple is always amongst the top three highest selling smartphone brands in the world. You risk alienating a large portion of your audience if you avoid iOS app development.

Q) Do I need to hire an iOS app development company for building my app? Can I not learn iOS development?

A) There is nothing stopping you from learning iOS development. However, becoming a programmer capable of building a polished iOS app is a long and hard journey. It will take atleast a year to learn iOS development well enough, possibly more if you’re a rookie to any type of programming. A much better option is for you to hire an iPhone development company who can build the app for you. This will give you time to optimize other things in your business.

Q) Will the iOS app work on iPads? Will I have to another company for iPad application development?

A) No, you won’t need to hire another company for iPad application development. The iOS application development company you hire will have developers who’ll make sure your app runs on both iPhones and iPads.

Q) How long does it take your company to deliver an iOS app?

A) The length of the development process can vary depending on the client requirements. Normally, it takes us eight to ten weeks to deliver an iOS app. If our clients need the app sooner, we can come to a more expedited timeframe suitable to the client’s needs.

Q) What about the design of my iOS app? Will I be kept in the loop regarding the same?

A) At our iOS app development company, you will have access to UI/UX designers who have a long standing experience in designing mobile apps. We will not finalize any design decision without your approval. We understand how much clients value how their mobile app looks. This is why we ensure they are an active part of the design process and their inputs are a key part of the final app. Eventually, the success of any mobile app is bound to come down to how it looks. With UdeyTech as your iOS app development partner, you no longer need to worry about the looks of your application.

Q) Will I continue getting tech support from UdeyTech?

A) As the foremost iOS mobile app development company in the market, we at UdeyTech always make sure our clients are satisfied. This is why we continue providing tech support even after the delivery of the app. This is to ensure clients don’t feel tech disabled once they get the app.

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