12 Free Tools for UI/UX Designers to Design Optimal Websites

Free design tools

Free design tools

Free design tools are essential for most serious UI/UX designers in the field. Generally, it is free to design tools that build the general aesthetic ability of UI/UX designers. Thus, it is wrong to discount their role in helping create websites and mobile apps with a great design aesthetic.

Anyone who knows a little about web or app design must have heard of some design tools. Adobe XD, Crello, Axure, and Affinity Designer are some popular design tools popular amongst UI/UX designers. Even people who know nothing about UI/UX design may have heard about one or two of these tools.

All able UI/UX designers today must know how to use a range of different design tools. Simply creating something on a free logo maker is not exactly design. In fact, the actual process of design is more complex and based on the general principle of connecting with the target audience.

This piece is specifically about free design tools generally used by UI/UX designers who use them for creating optimal websites and apps. There are many reasons free design tools specifically occupy an important place in the world of design. We discuss the reasons in the following section.

Why are Free Design Tools Important for UI/UX designers?

When a rookie thinks of becoming a designer, access to tools is a big problem. Taking the step from sketching in notebooks to making digital designs requires access to essential tools.

However, design tools often come at a premium. Almost every industry-grade design tool comes at a steep price. For a rookie, the price is enough to dissuade the notion of creating digital designs and taking a chance.

How will the field of UI/UX design grow if rookies don’t even have access to any kind of design tool?

This problem of access has a solution in the form of free design tools for budding UI/UX designers. Free design tools don’t include the likes of a free logo maker or logo generator. They are legitimate tools that help rookie UI/UX designers grow and become confident in their abilities.

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In the following points, we will discuss the importance of free design tools for the development of UI/UX designers.

A Starting Point – The Biggest Benefit of Free Design Tools

Free design toolsFree design tools provide a starting point for many UI/UX designers at the start of their careers. Not everyone can afford tools like Adobe Photoshop. Thus, free design tools like Adobe XD serve as a great starting process for budding talents trying to become professional UI/UX designers.



Learning Design the Hard Way with Free Design Tools

Some premium tools offer high-grade features that make the process of design very easy for new designers. Thus, instead of working hard and cutting their teeth with free design tools, rookies lose their cutting edge with premium tools. Free design tools offer a tough but necessary education in design. The best UI/UX designers found their way in the field using free design tools before graduating to premium ones.



Developing Original Approach to Design

When rookies use free design tools, they employ a unique and original approach to UI/UX design. This is because creating the best designs possible with free tools is impossible without finding some unique way of doing the same. In simple words, free design tools force designers to find innovative ways to create optimal designs. This is very important when we consider the overarching nature of design as a field of work.



12 Free Design Tools for UI/UX designers To Create Optimal Designs

Free design tools help build many favourable attributes in UI/UX designers and are important for their development. In the Internet age, there are many free design tools that UI/UX designers can use for developing the best possible designs.

However, not all free tools actually help. Knowing the ones that actually help design talents grow and prosper is also important. This is where the following points will prove helpful.

In the following section, we will cover the most important free design tools for the development of budding UI/UX designers.


Font Awesome

Font Awesome allows UI/UX designers to download code which helps add vector graphics to any given design project. The main advantage of using Font Awesome is that it liberates designers from using crummy, traditional, and old graphics.

To get access to Font Awesome’s kit, users need to sign up with an email ID. After creating an account, users can download a kit which contains code that goes right into the template.

One clear advantage of using Font Awesome is that it allows users to customize icons with the help of CSS code. The customizations cover fields like size, shadow, color, and various other design factors.



Five Second Test

Free design tools

For young design talents, a powerful tool like the Five Second Test can offer incredible insights.

For UI/UX designers, the objective is always to create designs that mix well with the content. If users come on a website and forget what they saw a few minutes later, the designers didn’t succeed in their work.

The Five Second Test helps UI/UX designers check what users remember about a website after using it for five seconds. The results of the test are intriguing as they help designers see whether users are seeing what they want them too.

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Free design tools

Prototyping is an important part of the UI/UX design these days. It is natural for designers to know the importance of creating prototypes, as well as the process itself.

As a tool, MockFlow allows users to create simple wireframe prototypes. While some users generally prefer a premium tool like Wireframe Pro, MockFlow also works fine. It is above all a great tool for new designers who need to learn the basics of prototyping and wireframes.

When designers are looking to test out a new idea, MockFlow is a really great option. This is because it offers a free and simple way to test new ideas.

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UX Checklist

There are numerous factors one has to check in a typical UX design. Generally, UI/UX designers with no access to premium tools manually check every part of their project.

To save time and improve accuracy they can instead use UX Checklist. It is a very useful application that allows users to check whether they’ve considered every little part of the UI/UX design process.

As far as free design tools go, this one is helpful for helping new UI/UX designers know the important parts of a design process.

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Bootstrap – One of the Top Free Design Tools

UI/UX designers with a knack for coding will naturally find the simplistic nature of some design tools a little jarring. For such UI/UX designers, Bootstrap is one of the best free design tools.

Bootstrap allows designers to use coding to create interactive front end design and development. Even a little knowledge of front end languages like CSS and HTML is enough to start using Bootstrap. It is one of the most popular IDEs for front end development right now.

The web design options it provides are also great. This is because Bootstrap is run by its large community of users. With so many users, new UI/UX designers can learn their craft in a competitive environment.

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Axure is a very popular wireframing tool very well-known in the design space. When designers need to validate and test a new idea, the natural course of action is creating a wireframe.

Axure is well-known for helping UI/UX designers create mockups and being one of the popular free design tools. The importance of wireframing in UX design is crucial, especially for validating product ideas at an initial stage. If an idea is a muddy collection of thoughts, wireframing helps give it structure and validate its viability.

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Generally, UI/UX designers take the color in their designs on face value. After all, how many times do rookie designers consider how their design is perceived by someone who has color blindness?

This is a real problem. Studies show over 10% people have some kind of color blindness. Coblis is one of the best free design tools that helps designers see how someone with color-blindness sees their website.

For designers, using this tool and checking the optimality of their design is crucial. Thus, Coblis is a very useful tool.

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For young UI/UX designers, learning new concepts and lessons in design is very important. There are many good sources to learn UI/UX design. However, a lot of them are paid.

Tech&All is a platform that offers important design learning resources to willing learners. However, this is not where the gravy train stops. The platform also helps users get access to important templates, UI kits, navigation designs, and so on.

For anyone looking for a tool or some reading material on UI/UX design, Tech&All is a great place to start. Many seasoned UI/UX designers use the website to clear their doubts over certain topics.

Canva – One of the Most Popular Free Design Tools

For new UI/UX designers, Canva is often the first free design tool they ever come across. While Canva is not completely free, its free version is very comprehensive and offers enough resources to teach young designers important lessons in the field.

The best part about Canva is its practical approach to design. It teaches designers to work on design templates for common purposes such as blog banner, Facebook cover, Instagram story, and so on. At the beginning of their career, UI/UX designers have to work with these design formats and Canva is a great tool to learn about the same.


Adobe XD

Free design tools

Generally, Adobe XD ranks high amongst the free design tools UI/UX designers for their work in the field. As a tool, Adobe XD usually finds use for practices like prototyping.

Unlike many other Adobe tools, XD is different when one considers its interface. Users who start using XD after Photoshop tend to take some time until they get familiar with the platform. Amongst free design tools, Adobe XD is a very popular tool especially because it improves the kind of prototypes UI/UX designers create. The quality of the prototype is important because it helps users get a feel of the eventual product.


Lorem Ipsum

Anyone involved in the development, design, and promotion of websites must have come across Lorem Ipsum content from time to time. When UI/UX designers are creating a new design, they need some content to act as a sample in order to make the whole thing look authentic. Writing sample content takes time, and thus Lorem Ipsum helps in this regard.

This particular tool helps generate placeholder content to use in design samples. The quality of this content is that it generally never attracts the attention of the reader. Generally, the attention of a user tends to shift to the design layout when Lorem Ipsum content is used.


Mockplus Blog

As a design blog, there are not many others that hold a candle to Mockplus. It is a highly informative design blog that provides useful information to young UI/UX designers looking for free design tools.

While the MockPlus Blog is not exactly a tool, it is an incredibly useful resource to learn design.

Generally, UI/UX designers only have the option of expensive design courses that don’t actually offer much in the way of practical knowledge.

It is blogs like Mockplus which provide value to young UI/UX designers. However, it first important for designers to see the value in learning and developing their skills.


In Conclusion – Free Design Tools for UI/UX designers

In this piece, we made an effort to cover the important free design tools which UI/UX designers use when they enter the field. Furthermore, we also brought to light the importance of free design tools in the development of budding UI/UX designers.

This piece does not suggest that premium tools are useless. However, there is a serious problem in the field of design about not knowing the free resources which help optimize one’s craft.

Using a Wix logo maker is not design. Neither is using a free logo creator. In conclusion, the design is about adding aesthetic appeal to a product while enhancing its functionality.

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