What are the Different Elements of a Successful Enterprise Website?

What are the Different Elements of a Successful Enterprise Website-min

What are the Different Elements of a Successful Enterprise Website-min

A successful enterprise website works when it brings together many crucial elements. In many ways, the best enterprise websites are often those that give value to each vertical of web optimization. Anyone who runs a website knows the many things which need to work in order for it to find success.

When we speak specifically about enterprise websites, many variables come into the picture. Making a normal blog successful is a straightforward proposition. However, an enterprise website brings a lot of factors into the equation.

Unlike a blog, an enterprise website has to carry the weight of a company. If the website fails, it reflects poorly on the company itself. Unlike blogs, an enterprise website cannot hide behind the garb of anonymity when it fails. This is the unique pressure of running an enterprise website and making it successful.

As we discussed earlier, many things have to go right for a website to find success. An enterprise website is not an exception. There is the secret sauce the best enterprise websites use to become successful. In most cases, the reason for success is very subjective. The only thing that’s common is the elements that come together to bring success.

Whether it’s an enterprise car rental website or a mobile repair company, the fundamentals of success are always the same. It is natural for anyone running a website to study the fundamentals of success for an enterprise website.

In this piece, we will especially point out the different elements which work as the fundamentals every successful enterprise website.

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What are the Elements of a Successful Enterprise Website?

Let’s take the example of an enterprise car rental website. When we think of a website for a car rental company, we think of the many features it has. Our perspective is shaped by how we would use a car rental website.

However, the people running the website don’t have this luxury. They have to build the entire structure around the website to make it successful. For instance, they have to consider how to make website SEO-optimal to get more people on the platform organically. This is only one amongst the many elements which come together to make an enterprise website successful.

Car rental websites are not alone. An enterprise employee rental website also falls under the same fundamentals. When the fundamental elements are out of sync, the enterprise website won’t work. It’s that simple.

Say you have an enterprise website for your small business. You regularly post content on the website. The content is excellent and brings to light some unique aspects of your field which other competing websites are ignoring. You must then be rewarded with growth in traffic.


Wrong. Writing good content is great, but it’s not the only factor that makes people come to the website. If your website lacks a good user experience or takes a lot of time to load, it is unlikely to get any traffic.

As mentioned earlier, different elements come together to make a website successful. Content is a crucial element, but it’s above all an element. There are various other elements that people have to consider when working on bringing success to an enterprise website.

Moving forward, we will bring these elements to the fore and provide detailed insights on the fundamentals which bring success to enterprise websites.

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Objective-Driven Enterprise Website Strategy

Objective-Driven Website Strategy-min

What does a company wish to gain from its enterprise website?

The answer to this question sets the objective an enterprise website must work towards. For every company, the nature of the objective varies.

For instance, what is the goal the people at Amazon have with regard to their website? Generally speaking, the broader goal is to maximize sales by making every visitor coming on the website buy something.

The Amazon website is an example of a platform designed to meet its objective – sell more. From the product images to the website layout and user experience, everything works solely to make people buy something. At the very least, Amazon forces users to consider buying something if they didn’t come on the website to make a purchase.

Every company serious about achieving its goal has to come up with a strategy. From design to development and marketing, every vertical of a website works towards the same end goal – sell more.

Normal websites have to think the same way. Every aspect of the website, from web development to UI/UX design, everything must work towards helping a company meet its objective. The objective, again, is subjective. For some enterprise websites, the goal is lead generation. For some others, it’s online sales.

The website strategy changes for each of these goals. If the goal is to sell products, the UX strategy must work towards edging people further down the sales funnel. On the other hand, if the goal is lead generation, the UX strategy will again change.

These changes to the strategy based on the overarching objective are natural. Generally, websites fail because they lack a strategy. This is why it’s the most important element of building a successful enterprise website.

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Content for Enterprise Website

Can an enterprise site really work without content? We spoke about content in an example earlier. Generally, most companies think content is the sole factor in bringing people to a website consistently. This perception is false. However, content does play a very big role in ensuring people come to a website and help a company meet its objective.

Like every website vertical, content must also help push an enterprise website to its objective. Whether it’s online sales or lead generation, content must help companies meet these objectives.

Off late, the definition of content has expanded from blog posts and articles. Content also refers to infographics and videos. Furthermore, it’s not as if website content alone is enough. Content strategy for social media also plays a vital role in bringing a lot of organic traffic to a website.

An enterprise site in the modern-day must identify the content preferences of its target audience. This is the universal rule of content success. An enterprise official site can manage to get real organic traffic it has content people genuinely like.

For example, if you run an enterprise employee discount platform that gives away coupons for people who work for certain companies, you first need to find your audience. How will you accomplish this task? You need to create content which your audience will like to read or watch.

These days, writing content is also not the only game in town. It is highly likely your target audience prefers video content. In such a case, your larger focus should be on creating content on your YouTube channel. Understand the preferred medium of content is also important as it helps build audience engagement. In conclusion, create content that provides value to your target audience.

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Development and Design

Development and Design-min

Before content and marketing, an enterprise official site must go through development and design.

Generally, people consider both development and design as utilities and non-factors in making a website successful.

This perception clearly presents a lack of understanding of what makes a website successful.

Let’s start with development. Web development above all presents the nuts and bolts of building a website. These days, there is no need to know coding to create an enterprise website. WordPress and Wix enterprise websites present readymade options to get a website up and running without writing a line of code.

However, every decision during development can help move a website closer to meeting its goal. Whether it’s the choice between custom and CMS development or the overall architecture of the website, each element can make a contribution.

The impetus is on developers to ensure that the enterprise website development actually helps bring success to the website.

Generally, developers tend to take development ideas from other successful websites in the same domain. This approach tends to work because it’s essentially rehashing a working model from another platform. Developers go down the enterprise site list from their niche and pick out the ones which do well with the audience.

When it comes to design, things get even more important. User experience plays a decisive role in bringing success to an enterprise website. From the general layout of the website to the format in which content is shown, user experience is vital in deciding whether an enterprise website indeed finds success.

To make a design work, UX designers can also copy working ideas from elsewhere. However, hiring good designers for originality can also work.

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CTA Strategy

CTA Strategy-min

A CTA refers to a call to action. It is generally known as the final message that forces someone to make a decision and help marketers achieve an objective. For example, the ‘buy now’ button on an eCommerce website is a CTA message.

The CTA strategy simply brings to light how a website plans to convince visitors to cross the line and help a company move towards its objective. In some cases, a CTA can simply include a button while in other cases, it is an actual tagline or slogan to inspire the target audience.

To create the right CTA, the people running a website must know the target audience well. Furthermore, they must understand the psyche of people coming on the website and the things which make them tick.

For example, why is the subscribe button on YouTube red in color? This is because red as a color stands out on any screen. Since the goal of YT creators is to make people subscribe, choosing red is a smart decision.

Thus, a CTA message is as much about content as it is about design. Based on the goal of a website, the right CTA strategy must come to fruition and help a company meet its objective.

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There is no other way of saying this – some websites appear trustworthy and some don’t.

In some cases, trust can be eroded through something as simple as the choice of color in the overall design. As an example, websites that have a darker color pallet inspire less confidence if the target audience is the white-collar professionals.

How can a website work towards building trust if it is such a subjective factor? The key again lies in understanding the target audience.

For example, what would make someone trust an enterprise rental website? Generally, people booking cars on rental websites appreciate clarity and speed. If the website can provide both these things, it can gain the trust of its audience.

On the other hand, a website development company’s website can gain trust through content. The audience of such a website generally wants to know if the company has the ability to manage a complex process like website development. Through a series of blog posts that explore the technical side of website development, the website can allay the concerns of its target audience.

In every niche, there is a way to placate the audience and gain its trust. Thus, things like audience and market research are crucial for gaining the trust of the audience.

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In Conclusion – The Elements of a Successful Enterprise Website

In Conclusion – The Elements of a Successful Enterprise Website-min

In this piece, we put the spotlight on some crucial elements which together make a successful enterprise website. However, this piece is not exhaustive. There are other aspects that also contribute to making a successful enterprise website.

However, our aim with this piece is to bring to light some crucial fundamentals.

Anyone about to start an enterprise website will find the scope of the piece extremely relevant. Furthermore, the points in this piece drive home the need for a holistic approach to building a website from scratch.

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