eCommerce Development Tools

eCommerce development tools

eCommerce development tools

There are several successful e-commerce business entrepreneurs in the market. In online business, a website with good CMS can help you do better and earn success. So if you want to succeed in the eCommerce business you should consider the best eCommerce development tools for your websites. There are tons of e-commerce CMSs which can confuse the newbie entrepreneurs. In this article, we will discuss the most relevant and reliable eCommerce development tools to have the best CMS for your eCommerce business.


eCommerce Development Tools
Magento is a robust and free eCommerce CMS platform. It helps in building CMS and managing inventory for online stores. Magento is scalable, perfect options for big stores with heavy traffic. It has got the cheapest hosting options. There are two versions available in Magento: Community and Enterprise. The Community version is free whereas for Enterprise version; you have to invest in it. Among numerous eCommerce development tools, Magentocan be one of the best choices. Discussed below are the key features of Magento:
 Excellent catalog management.
 Effective tools for advertising and marketing.
Faster loading website and mobile friendly eCommerce.
 Fast order tracking management system.
 Reliable checkout, shipping, and payment system.

Although, It is equipped with good features; there are limitations to use it. Magento is harder to maintain because you have to hire developers to maintain or integrate the features. Similarly, it is not very suitable for the small scale business enterprise. For payment options, you have to integrate with third-party payment gateways.



eCommerce Development Tools

Shopify is one of the simplest self-hosted platforms for CMS. It provides every feature like themes, templates, plugins, and payment gateways on one page. This platform is very suitable for small and medium size online entrepreneurs. One of the best ideas to choose Shopify is users can build their own stores without the help of technical guys or developers. The basic features of Shopify are as follow:

  You can get organized with customer groups.
  Easy to publish the content at the dates and times that you specify.
  It is easy to customize look and feel of gift cards.
 Enables you to get two-step authentication for your stores.
 Easy and convenient payment gateways.

Despite having good features for small business entrepreneurs, it is not suitable for a scalable business. Most of its themes and apps are paid. Its sorting is limited; for example, when you have more than 1000 products it will be very hard to organize them.



eCommerce development tools

WordPress is a website where you can have an open source eCommerce plugin to create your own CMS known as WooCommerce. WooCommerce is easy to install and customize and free base product. The basic features of WooCommerce are as follow:
 It has got countless themes; you can choose any as per your requirement.
 You can edit any part of your website due to its unrestricted customization.
 It helps you publish great content and build a strong brand from its built-in blogging.
 You can easily embed products, check-out, and more on any page.
 Easy to set up products categories, tags, and attributes.

Open cart:


Open cart is also an eCommerce website platform. It’s now available in two versions; Open Cart 1.5 and Open Cart 2.0 which is free to download. Although, a wide range of eCommerce entrepreneurs use it, it’s not as easy as Shopify or WooCommerce. You can develop or customize Open Cart if you know PHP and MYSQL. It is good to install Open Cart 2.0 version since it has got some unique features:

 Open and modern look for the front end with a faster loading page.
 Its mobile responsive design will make your websites look great.
 Totally new design for the back-end that helps you see the orders, sales, customer and people online.
 In the Extension section, you now have the ‘Extension Installer’ which is a time-savingfeature.



eCommerce development tools

If you want to upgrade your online stores, Prestashop can be a reliable eCommerce development tool. It is developed in PHP programming language with support for the MySQL database management system. Noted below are the features why you should use

Prestashop as your eCommerce development tools:

 With powerful catalog and site management, you can manage the most complex inventory with one click options.
 It will help display products your way.
 Provides one of the best SEO and marketing tools.
 One-page checkout features.
 Flexible shipping modules fully integrated with major carriers.



eCommerce Development tools

As its name suggests, BigCommerce is suitable for a scalable business. BigCommerce’s clients include big brand names like Toyota, Kodak, and Ben and Jerry’s. According to Website Builder Expert, “For a small business looking to scale up, BigCommerce boasts an impressive average growth of 28% for its client year on year.” However, reports also say that it is 14% harder to use than Shopify. Nonetheless, it has got some unique features that are presented as:

 BigCommerce lets you sell every type of products like physical, digital and service base products without having to use an app.
 It won’t lock you up in its own payment gateway. You can choose your own service provider without imposing any extra charges or transaction fees.
 It has got an abandoned cart recovery system that will let you send an automated email to draw the products abandoned in the shopping.
 Through its multichannel selling integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), you can sell your products anywhere.


Above are the best eCommerce website platform used these days. You can choose one or any eCommerce development tools according to the nature, size, expertise, suitable territory for your business. Hope these website platforms help leverage your growing eCommerce business. So, be smart while choosing eCommerce development tools.

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