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Why do brands need to hire an ecommerce development company? We live in a time when having a website is the absolute bare minimum for a brand. The complications of traditional website development make it difficult for small businesses to reach this bare minimum. This is where a content management system (CMS) helps.

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Best CMS Options for Traditional and ECommerce Development Company


Magento Development

An open-source e-commerce platform, Magento, allows businesses to create independent online stores. Its unique selling point is the level of flexibility it offers to companies. From setting up a shopping cart operation to UI design and marketing features, a company can get a lot of flexibility in all these segments using Magento development.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. You can get a website running on WordPress within ten minutes flat. More than a third of the world’s websites are built on WordPress. It is easy to use and dependable. Using WooCommerce, WordPress websites can quickly become capable of e-commerce platforms.

Shopify Development

Shopify allows every small business to enter the online retail game. By definition, Shopify is a SaaS platform geared towards allowing companies to build their own independent shopping-cart website. Using Shopify development, a website can add products, enter product details, and choose from a range of design templates for the e-commerce store.

OpenCart Development

OpenCart is also an open source CMS providing e-commerce solutions to small and enterprise-level businesses. It’s easy to setup and free to use. Compared to other e-commerce solutions, OpenCart is faster with low page-load times. OpenCart development is a great option for websites looking for a simple design with a lot of features and functionalities.

Joomla Development

Joomla is a CMS optimal for those who have a basic technical knowledge. Unlike WordPress and Drupal which are easy to use for someone with no technical knowledge, Joomla is not that easy. However, Joomla has its own advantages. When it comes to large corporate and government websites, Joomla development is a better solution.

Drupal Development

Like WordPress, Drupal is also a very popular content management system. It is used for a variety of purposes, from running a simple blog to corporate and government websites. Unlike WordPress, Drupal doesn’t have a very big community of users. However, the Drupal development community consists of many experts who regularly bring in new updates.


No ‘Crocin’. A Real Specific Solution

Many brands look at website development like crocin. If you don’t know, crocin is a general medicine people take when they feel any type of illness. The point is this – most brands look for a standard solution when looking at their CMS options. This is the wrong approach. We help our clients see the advantages of the CMS which suits them best and don’t just sign off on a standard CMS for every client. As a top ecommerce development company, we listen to their needs, discuss different ideas, and suggest a CMS which helps them grow.

Easing E-Commerce Technicalities with Simple Digital Solutions

Ecommerce website development is fraught with challenges. To an untrained eye, setting up an ecommerce store even with a CMS like Shopify for OpenCart to ease things is very challenging. This is where we come in. We handle the technicalities of setting up and filling your ecommerce website. This leaves you to do what you do best – choosing the right path for your business. Many brands fail because talented people don’t do what they’re actually talented in. Don’t make the same mistake with your brand.

Experienced Developers to Set up Your Digital Lynchpin

You need an experienced CMS website development company to handle your tech side. When you’re setting up something big like an ecommerce store or developing a CMS oriented website, you need direction. There are many CMS options for both ecommerce and website development. More options don’t always translate to better results. You need an experienced ecommerce development company to find the best solution for your particular problem. Our team of developers are best-placed to help you with CMS development. You can trust their years of experience working with different CMSs for building websites and ecommerce stores.

How we Build Your E-Commerce Store and CMS Website?

Whether it is building an ecommerce store or CMS website development, you need to hire a company which follows a well-planned process. At UdeyTech, our development process takes places across six key stages. This process is made keeping in mind modern standards of website development.
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Understanding Client Needs

The first step is the most important in our six-step development phase. Our developers sit down with clients to understand their exact needs. These discussions bring to the fore new ideas and more importantly, take developers towards taking a call on the CMS.

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Setting Up Design Prototype and Strategy

Before proceeding with the ecommerce website or CMS development part, we settle on a design prototype. Clients are very particular about the way their website looks. We present different design prototypes to clients while also creating a development strategy.

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In the third step, we work on the development process. After getting necessary inputs from our clients, we set out to build the CMS website or ecommerce store part of the plan. This process is very crucial as we setup every little element of the website at this stage.

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Testing the Website

Once the ecommerce website or CMS development process is complete, we start the testing phase. This is done to ensure every element of the website is working before the launch. Some of our clients plan for a big launch and we help ensure everything is in the best shape before it.

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Handing Over the Website

Once the bugs and testing issues are weeded out, we finally hand over the website to our clients. During the hand over, we run over the things clients must know about running the CMS website or ecommerce store. Once this is done, we step back and let our clients take over.

web development companyweb development company

Tech Support

We don’t bail after handing over the website to our clients. We help provide much needed tech support during the initial days after the handover. Furthermore, we also make any additional changes our clients want based on the feedback they get from their customers.

Explore our versatile Portfolio

Once you’ve made the decision to make a website or start an ecommerce store, you need an ecommerce development company that knows what it’s doing. Our portfolio below highlights the CMS websites and ecommerce stores we’ve built over the years.

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Website development
Forex Academy

Why Choose UdeyTech?

Do you want a general all-size solution or an expert who knows how to solve your problem? At UdeyTech, our approach is to help you find the right digital solution for your business. Whether it’s a question of choosing a CMS for a website or your own ecommerce store, leave the problem to our team of developers.

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It is no joke to build a good business website or get into ecommerce development. Many questions you may have will naturally need answering. The FAQs below will help make things easier for you.

What is a CMS?

A CMS allows people who don’t know anything about programming to run their own website. It is a simple system which allows people to post content, images, and do many other things on their website. Every business needs a different CMS based on its needs. There is a best CMS for developers and a best CMS for a shop at the corner of the street. It all comes down to making the right choice.

Is e-commerce website development possible with a CMS?

Yes. Using a CMS, you can create an ecommerce store without knowing anything about programming. Shopify development, WooCommerce development, and Magento development are some examples of CMS systems used for making ecommerce websites.

How long does it take to develop a website using a CMS?

The timeline depends on your requirements. Generally, CMS development takes a much shorter span of time. To develop a CMS website with a lot of features and an ecommerce store as well, it can take over 4-5 weeks.

Can I get a website delivered sooner?

We can’t speak for other ecommerce development companies, but our working process ensures we can meet short deadlines. If you need a website in a quick time, trust UdeyTech for your ecommerce development services.

Do I need an e-commerce development company to make a website using a CMS?

There is nothing stopping you from using a CMS to start your own online store. However, the expertise of an ecommerce development company comes in handy when developing a large online store. You should weigh your options before making a final choice.

What happens if I’m not happy with the final website I get?

Our developers will constantly work with you to ensure you’re needs are met. Even after we hand over the website to you, we will continue providing tech support until you’re satisfied.

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