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What is Special about Internet Marketing Services at UdeyTech?

Digital marketing allows companies to realize their goal of wide visibility without the pitfalls of traditional advertising. Generally, companies tend to rely on basic forms of outreach. However, with the help of a digital marketing company such as our own, they can capitalize on the reach of modern platforms. Here is why our internet marketing services are special.

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Inbound-Outbound Balance

Any digital marketing agency worth its salt understands the importance of content. As one of the top digital marketing companies around, we know how to create content which resonates with the target audience. Our content expertise is unrivalled because we understand the essence of what makes content work today – storytelling.

A digital marketing company cannot survive without above all having a long-term view of things. Internet marketing changes every day with new trends changing the field. Thus, the need for a digital marketing agency which can look beyond the next trend is immense. This is where our role as one of the top digital agencies becomes crucial.

We do not boast to have every digital marketing expert in the industry. However, we do claim to have a lot of them! We are the top digital marketing company in Los Angeles because of the presence of experts. Every professional we hire is either a digital marketing expert or has the potential to become one.

Internet marketing is a practice which allows marketers to establish both organic and inorganic forms of outreach. Generally, a given digital marketing company is only adept at either organic or inorganic means. At UdeyTech, however, we are capable of managing both inbound and outbound marketing practices. We are a unique internet marketing company in this regard.

Digital Marketing Solutions
We Offer

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a set of practices which together help increase the presence of a website organically. Generally, SEO is considered one of the primary pillars of digital marketing.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is also a digital marketing technique generally used to increase the presence of a website on search engines. However, SEM covers all inorganic techniques to increase visibility.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing, as the name suggests, refers to an entire set of techniques which seek to increase the presence of a website or brand on one or more social media platforms.

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Email Marketing

Running a marketing campaign through an email list is basically email marketing. It is old-school, but still a very effective way to market something to a target audience.

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Content Development

Content is at the heart of every marketing campaign. At UdeyTech, we help clients develop content which is engaging and updated for target audiences.

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is crucial today to connect with a larger audience. The rapid rise of platforms like YouTube and TikTok shows the sheer power of video content.

UdeyTech Digital Marketing Portfolio

Even the best digital marketing company in Los Angeles is only as good as its portfolio. We are the best digital marketing company in town, and our portfolio in addition suggests the same. Generally, a portfolio is important to clients as it shows the track record of a company. Thus, here is our own digital marketing portfolio.

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How Do We Run a Digital MarketingCampaign?

A process-driven approach is crucial for success in digital marketing. At UdeyTech, we follow a well-researched process which works like an efficient machine. We don’t have marketers who Google digital marketing before talking to a client. We have real experts who follow a codified process which above all guarantees success.
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Step One

Audience and Competitor Research
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Step Two

Planning the Campaign According to the Objectives
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Step Three

Developing Content for Campaign
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Step Four

Running Campaign and Collating Feedback
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Step Five

Making Tactical Changes to Campaign for Better Results
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Step SIX

Keep Collecting Feedback and Making Changes Until Objective Is Achieved

Our Values as a Digital Marketing Company

In all honesty, we live in a slightly cynical world where ‘values’ is not a word mentioned often. However, nothing is more indicative about a digital media marketing company than its core values. Values are important because they often show clients the company culture of a digital marketing agency. Here are our values explained in short.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

In digital marketing, delivery is never about time. Instead, clients seek delivery in objectives and quality in this field. Thus, our digital marketing company views the concerns of clients through the same lens. We seek to provide deliverance to clients, not necessarily in the context of deadlines, but in the view of quality and objectives.

Every digital marketing consultant at UdeyTech is indoctrinated to see the value in learning. There is no amount of experience which should stop someone from learning. Thus, we make sure every professional in our digital marketing company strives to learn new concepts important to meet the goals of our clients.

Why is commitment important? Our digital marketing company knows the value of a commitment to clients. A commitment generally serves as an assurance to clients. Thus, we never show hesitation in making a commitment to our clients. We are able to commit because we have mechanisms in place to keep our word to clients.

At UdeyTech, we care because our longevity as a digital marketing company depends on client success. The world is big and open for positive sum games to lift everyone up. Digital marketing come from a similar line of thought. Thus, we make it our priority to put in the extra effort and help clients succeed against all odds.

Why Choose UdeyTech as your Digital Marketing Company?

Why choose UdeyTech? Every client walking through our door and thinking about hiring us has asked this question. Our answer is always the same – we have a plan to help you succeed. Generally, all a digital marketing agency has is a fancy pitch. However, UdeyTech has something more. Above all else, we have a plan to help you succeed with our digital marketing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

Digital marketing is a very competitive field. Clients have the option of choosing from many top digital marketing companies. Thus, having questions is natural when hiring a digital marketing company. Here are a few FAQs which answer some queries clients generally have.

Q) What is digital marketing?

A) In the old days, companies used to market their product, services, and brand through traditional marketing. This technique included the likes of newspaper advertising, TV ads, and so on. However, there were many problems with this medium. The biggest, arguably, was how it excluded many small companies who couldn’t spend large sums of money on marketing. Digital marketing, by definition, is a practice which allows individuals and businesses to promote products and services on digital platforms. However, a better way to think about digital marketing is that it’s the evolution of traditional advertising. It solves many of the drawbacks of old-school marketing and makes it possible for small businesses to think about digital marketing.

Q) What is the need of digital marketing?

A) How many hours of the day do you spend online? Marketing is essentially about increasing visibility. Since more people spend time on digital platform these days, it is natural for marketers to want to increase their visibility there. Thus, the need for digital marketing is apparent.

Q) What are the different types of digital marketing solutions we offer?

A) At UdeyTech, we generally offer solutions across every different segment of digital marketing. This includes SEO, PPC marketing, social media, video marketing, content marketing, and so on. Furthermore, we offer all strategic and planning resources which help in the functioning of a campaign.

Q) Which digital platform should I promote my brand on?

A) Every digital platform has its own advantages and drawbacks. If you hire our digital marketing company, we will make note of your specific needs and suggest the platforms which suit your needs. Thus, you don’t need to worry about researching different digital platforms. You can leave this headache to us and above all focus on the fundamentals of marketing.

Q) Is there an alternative to hiring a digital marketing company? Can I hire my own team of marketers?

A) Firstly, hiring the best digital marketing consultant and experts is easier said than done. They usually come at a premium and if you’re running a small business, keeping them on the payroll will certainly cause financial strain. Secondly, even if you do hire a team of marketers, it never hurts to have an external digital marketing company. We have experience of working with many top brands who have in-house teams of their own.

Q) How much time does UdeyTech need to increase the visibility of my brand?

A) The time it takes us to help increase your visibility generally depends on a lot of factors. If you have a high marketing budget, it would take us less than a week to get you trending. However, if your budget is low or you want to focus on inbound marketing, the time it takes is longer. Thus, the ball lies in the client’s court.

Q) Will UdeyTech help me with content development?

A) We have some of top content creators at our digital marketing company. If you need us to help you with improving the quality of content, we can perform this task. Sometimes, our clients like to have their own content team coordinating with our project heads. We are willing to come to any arrangement suitable to our clients.

Q) How much does UdeyTech charge for digital marketing services?

A) The objective of each client is different. Some want more traffic, some are looking for lead generation, and some are trying to find a way to increase online sales. We have the capability to help clients achieve each of these goals. However, the work we have to put in for each of these goals varies. Thus, the amount we charge also varies. You should get in touch with our sales team to know more.

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