Must have Features of Dental practice Website

Dental practice website

Dental practice website

Whatever you do as a business it’s important to have a presence on the web. Having a strong website for even your dental practice is equally important. Therefore, while developing software for a dental practice you should consider the basics which work a better way to you as well as your patients. The good dental practice website is the one that provides value to you and your patients.  And, this can be done by leveraging ‘push’ and ‘pull’ features on your website. With this approach, you provide value for leads and patients alike which eventually, brings good results for your business.

Push Features:

dental practice website

Push technology involves connecting your website to your Patient Relationship Management software. Moreover, it deals with scheduling, reminder calls, or providing information to the patients. Similarly, this enables your website to communicate with current as well as prospective patients. These communications take a variety of forms such as;

Digital Health Forms:

This platform can help drive traffic from new and existing patients as well as providing your team with an easy collection of patients’ data. In addition, it may focus on the patient experience and the communications that patients have at the office. Moreover, it will keep the record of how they were treated and keep them informed about their health conditions and ongoing treatment.

Monthly email campaigns:

This is the kind of campaigns that encourage site visits by directing patients to educational content. Simply, this is a type of directing which involves sending promotional messages and thereby, acquiring new patients.

Blog content:

A blog gives a ‘voice’ to your business. It improves recall by engaging with your current patients and it keeps your site content fresh.

Pull Features:

Dental Practice website

Pull technology also works in a similar way but instead, it is based around nurturing your leads and encouraging them to interact with your dental practice website. There are certain elements that fall under the pull features of your dental practice website.

Patient-centered content:

It tells a story in a non-clinical way. Patient-centered content plays a vital role in the dental health care clinic. You need to create the content which resonates with your audience, in addition to adding value to

your dental practice website.

Video content:

Video content is one of the most important features of dental practice websites. Therefore, digital marketers use video content which is an attractive, versatile and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences. As a result, this motivates leads to action and increases visitors’ time on site.


EBooks can serve some of the important purposes of dental practice websites. First, it is easy to produce an EBook at a minimum cost. Second, it is easily accessible through smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Finally, you can request your patients to provide their comments and feedback. This is an effective way to retain the existing as well as prospective patients.

Subscription buttons:

Adding a subscription button on your dental practice websites can benefit you in many ways. Once your audience subscribes to you, they will start receiving the monthly emails, blog content, EBooks, services, and offers. This ultimately helps convert your audience into the leads.

Appointment booking forms:

People with a busy schedule prefer online appointments. So having this option, on your website is an added advantage. This will help your patients to send a request for online appointments. And, your team automatically receives notifications through your appearing PRM software.


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Remember, your website is a place for your practice; it should be able to do meaningful interaction with existing patients and new potential clients alike.  It’s important to hire a web development company to have these features in your dental practice websites.

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