Why the Decision to Redesign Your Website Could Work in 2020?

Why the Decision to Redesign Your Website Could Work in 2020-min

Why the Decision to Redesign Your Website Could Work in 2020-min

There is always a good reason to redesign your website, even now in 2020 during an unforeseen crisis. Sometimes, developers and resist the urge to redesign a website because of SEO reasons. In other situations, there is a fear of muddling brand identity with too many changes to a website.

A major decision like one to redesign your website in 2020 comes with a lot of baggage. Many factors come into play and developers have to weigh their options carefully.

For instance, an established brand cannot be seen constantly tinkering with its website. This is because such an action confuses the brand image of a company. On the contrary, if you run a small company, it is not a bad idea to regularly redesign your website. This is because a small company has to first reach a critical mass of users. To do this, it needs to find the optimal web design.

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In the end, the push to redesign your website is purely subjective. There are too many mitigating factors that will have to drive you to redesign your website.

And yet, we will try to urge you, the person reading this piece, to redesign your website in 2020.

There are many reasons why 2020 is a particularly good time to redesign your website. You may fear this prospect because some people have told you about the SEO risks. In this piece, we will also explain how to redesign a website without losing SEO. Before that, we will study the exact reasons why you should redesign your website in 2020 and take home some unique advantages.

What Are the Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website in 2020?

What Are the Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website in 2020-min

Firstly, you should sit down and understand why you should redesign your website this year in 2020. This process doesn’t work if you don’t know redesigning your website is crucial.

While we all pretend to love data these days, there is a serious problem of a lack of clear thinking. When decisions like website redesign come to the table of developers, what do they do? Generally, they follow a gut instinct without taking into account any set of data which suggests whether they should or shouldn’t redesign their websites.

Anybody who works in a tech team knows that a number of important decisions are made without any deep analysis.

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This is why this section is important.

It is not enough that you choose to redesign your website in 2020. As a rational individual, you must know why doing so is the right choice. 2020 is a turbulent year, so why is it right to redesign your website in such critical times? There are many ways to answer this question. This section will specifically explain the reasons to redesign your website in 2020.

Move Fast in a Crisis

Move Fast in a Crisis-min

Considering the scale of the pandemic, there is a good chance your business is currently suffering. Furthermore, there is a great possibility all your competitors are also in a bind and are struggling.

In normal circumstances, beating a competitor is difficult. However, a crisis such as the one we’re in serves as a great filter in the business work.

Good companies do amazingly well in good times. Great companies survive bad times.

These theories work because history tells us the same lessons. As a business, you probably would never get a better chance to leave your competitors behind and level up.

How would a move to redesign your website this year, 2020, help in this regard? Think about this – how many of your competitors are thinking about enhancing their website to engage users more and achieve greater goals? Not many. Simply taking a shot at bringing a redesign to your website sends a strong statement.

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In addition, your website will become one of the few which is actively engaging with the audience. This alone will make your business stand apart. The market often rewards companies that take risks during times of uncertainty. Thus, uncertainty in 2020 is actually a plus point as you make a decision to redesign your website.

Reconsider the Ignored Aspects of your Digital Strategy

Over the past few years, we are seeing companies moving their focus away from websites. Social media and mobile apps generally command greater importance in a company’s digital strategy.

However, it is safe to say the central role of a website in the digital identity of a brand. Despite holding such importance, matters like website redesign tend to remain on the sidelines. Companies instead keep their attention on trivial social media matters that don’t affect a company’s digital strategy as much as a website.

Even today, a good business website is very valuable for a company. Some of the biggest tech companies we have, from Google to Facebook and Amazon all started as websites.

2020 is a good time to redesign your website and discover the value of focusing on website optimization. Improvement in web design right now can cover some of the other losses and pullbacks you are facing on other fronts like lower app downloads or decreasing social media engagement.

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There is a counter-question some people may have to this point. Is a crisis the right time to invest resources in redesigning websites?

The answer to this is straightforward. Every crisis is an opportunity to try something new and get ahead of other competing companies. Investing in complete website redesign may seem like a waste of money, but it is a boon if the process manages to meet its goals.

These goals can include enhancing UX KPIs or improving search rankings with technical SEO optimization. A redesign can help a website become leaner, faster, and most importantly, capable of delivering on essential objectives.

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Changing Trends in User Experience

Changing Trends in User Experience-min

Perhaps the biggest reason to redesign your website in 2020 is the rapidly changing trends in user experience.

There are only a few other fields that see rapid changes at the pace the UX space does. This is because of a lot of obvious reasons. There are a large number of companies that have an incentive to improve their user experience. From Apple to a small web development company downtown, discovering new ways to improve user experience is a goal of most companies with a digital presence.

In the case of website design, there are always new trends surfacing in the user experience domain. It is in the best interest of companies to redesign their website according to new trends to keep optimizing user experience. This is because updating a website with new UX features keeps it ahead of competitors and offers visitors the best possible experience.

Think about it. Why do people prefer using modern websites like YouTube over websites typically developed by governmental departments? The latter are generally functional in nature and don’t put any effort into optimizing user experience. On the other hand, using a website like YouTube or Twitter offers a very smooth experience.

Websites that invest in measures to enhance user experience always find a wider audience. This is one of the main reasons Google beat competitors like Yahoo and Alta Vista. It worked on enhancing user experience from day one. Today, Google is a tech behemoth with many dominant products in different industries.

Thus, one of the simple reasons to redesign your website in 2020 is to update it with new user experience developments. To incorporate these new trends, companies need to hire design experts who above all know how to bring positive change to UX.

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Adapting to Changes in User Behavior

It is not a surprise to anyone when studies show that the behavior of netizens is changing. This is because we are seeing user behavior transforming in front of our eyes.

For instance, consider the time people today spend on their mobile phones. Ten years ago, there were no design concerns about the mobile version of a website. This is because most people used to visit websites on their laptops and desktop computers.

However, a decade has seen the script flip dramatically. The ubiquity of smartphones has made desktop versions of a website a marginal factor because people spend the most time on their phones.

Such a drastic change is user behavior is visible in many other segments. Thus, one of the main reasons to redesign your website in 2020 is to adapt to the changing behavior of general users.

From something as small as ad placement to something bigger like the design template of a website, user behavior regarding these factors is always shifting. Thus, the need for a website redesign from time to time becomes apparent when placed in the context of adapting to user behavior.

Generally, companies who run websites tend to think they can placate all design drawbacks with quality content. It is true that users can forgive design flaws if the content on the website is indeed worth it.

However, a better question worth asking is this. How many people does a website lose due to a lack of emphasis on user experience?

The goal of redesigning a website is both keeping existing visitors while cutting down on those going away. Thus, you should redesign your website in 2020 to adapt to changing user behavior.

Debunking the Myths People have about Website Redesign

Debunking the Myths People have about Website Redesign-min

There are many companies that don’t go anywhere near website redesign due to unfounded fears. Besides the process of taking an estimable amount of resources, there are other reasons many companies decide not to redesign their websites.

Legitimate concerns are normal and must always be discussed. However, not redesigning a website for the wrong reasons is wrong and a mistake in strategy and execution.

Moving forward, we will briefly cover some of the myths which companies have about redesigning their websites.

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SEO Outcomes

Every company wants to know whether it’s possible to redesign a website without losing SEO assets.

SEO is a crucial part of every company’s website optimization strategy. The prospect of getting organic traffic to a website is naturally very appealing. However, building a base of real organic traffic takes a lot of time and effort. Thus, when the question of website redesign comes up, companies naturally ask the impact of the exercise on the SEO outcomes.

Here’s the reality. If you hire people who know how to redesign a website without losing SEO traffic, you won’t have any problems. This myth about losing SEO traffic has come about because some companies have tried website redesign without a UX expert and failed miserably.

Website UX experts generally know how to redesign your website without losing any SEO traffic. Thus, websites must work with them and avoid complications altogether.

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Rocking the Boat

Rocking the Boat-min

Another reason some websites don’t opt to redesign is that they feel they may rock the boat too much with existing users. In other words, they feel they may lose loyal segments of the audience while trying to appease new people to the website.

This fear is valid only if the new website is not tested enough with the audience. UX experts who know how to redesign your website will test the new version to ensure the target audience is comfortable with it. There is generally a way to placate all kinds of fears. However, the key is to put the right methods to use.

In Conclusion – Redesign your Website in 2020

In this piece, we had a discussion on all the different reasons you should choose to redesign your website in 2020. The reasons in this piece are not comprehensive in any way. There are many more valid reasons companies should consider pushing the redesigned button.

We also made an effort to bring to light some reasons why companies are hesitant to redesign their website. With the help of real solutions, we debunked the hesitancy and tried to show why it’s beneficial to redesign.


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