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Cross Platform Design

Design considerations change with each platform. You need a cross platform design company to understand the challenges involved.

Why Choose Our Cross Platform Design Services?

When you start looking for a cross platform design company, you make your intention to reach a large audience clear. However, in making this statement, you also take on a responsibility. To engage audiences across different platforms, you need a good design strategy. Here is why our cross platform design services stand apart.

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Aesthetic Consistency

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Best Design Talent

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A Synchronous Methodology

If you know anything about digital platforms, you must know how they keep changing. New OS updates and mobile devices change design considerations of UI/UX professionals. Thus, pros at our cross platform design company makes sure they stay ahead of every little change to each prominent digital platform important for clients.

The real motive of hiring a cross platform design company is to achieve a universal brand aesthetic. In short, brands want people to have the same experience on their website as they do on their native mobile app. Our cross platform developers and designers make sure clients gets aesthetic consistency in every medium.

We are under no illusion why we are regarded highly as a cross platform design agency. It is because of the talented people at our company that clients value us. To attract the best talent in the market, we have a coherent strategy in place. Thus, our clients rest assured their design problems are in safe hands.

At UdeyTech, we are experienced enough to know the need for a sound methodology to make the best use of available resources. Thus, we follow a methodology which suits us as a cross platform design company. Our adherence to a core methodology is also seen amongst our designers as it brings the best out of them.

Cross Platform Design Technologies
We Use

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Xamarin is the most popular framework for developing and designing cross platform applications. Every good cross platform design company must have competency in Xamarin.

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Material Design

Material Design is Google’s very own all-encompassing design language. Our cross platform agency has designers well-trained in Material Design.

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The best thing about Flutter is that it single-handedly kills the need for separate development and design processes for Android and iOS.

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PhoneGap comes from the good people at Adobe. To use PhoneGap, developers and designers must know languages like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

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React Native

React Native, like Flutter, allows for app development for any number of platforms. Many top brands are already using React Native and flying high.

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Ionic is a very popular framework and finds takers amongst big players like IBM and NASA. Our cross platform developers know their Angular JS to use Ionic.

UdeyTech Cross Platform Design Portfolio

Clients hire companies with a good track record because they like making safe bets. Some decisions are not rocket science. Thus, if you’re looking for a cross platform design company, you hire the one with a trusted portfolio. After a little searching, you will find that UdeyTech has the best record. Here’s our portfolio for your consideration.

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Our Cross Platform Design Process

Many brands who look for cross platform design companies are taken aback when they find many firms have no real process of working. At UdeyTech, things are different. We take the mandate of coming through for our clients very seriously. Thus, our cross platform design company follows a strict process.
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Step One

Research to Understand the Market
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Step Two

Problem Identification
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Step Three

Brainstorming Design Ideas
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Step Four

Developing Different Prototypes Based on Design Ideas
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Step Five

Testing Design with the Audience
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Step SIX

Offering Design Support after Final Deployment

The Values of Our Cross Platform Design Company

Who wants to do business with a company that doesn’t match their values? Answer: no one. Generally, any given website development company in Los Angeles or anywhere in the world considers values just empty words. At UdeyTech, we don’t. In conclusion, values mean something at our cross platform company. Here’s a summary of our core values.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

Do clients care about delivery? Yes. We know this. However, we also know clients expect more in delivery than just half-baked deliverables. They also expect delivery in quality and substance. Thus, our cross platform design company ensures clients get to see delivery within an agreed deadline and in quality as well.

Knowledge is power. This is not a tired quote, but a reality in fields like design. At UdeyTech, we ensure our designers know everything they must to follow through on every client expectation and demand. Furthermore, we hold seminars and training sessions to update our professionals with new modern practices to optimize performance.

Even if you find the best website development company in Los Angeles, you will not hire it if there is no promise or commitment. To a client, commitments are important because they give them assurance of the money they invest. Thus, our cross platform design company is never shy of making a commitment. This is also because we have the confidence of following through. 

A long time back, companies used to proudly state they care about their clients. However, they don’t do so anymore. At UdeyTech, we proudly say we care for our clients because we believe their success will bring our own. Generally, companies who don’t care for their clients don’t last very long.

What Makes Our Cross Platform Design Company Better?

Why choose UdeyTech? In the long list of cross platform design companies, we are one of the few that offers much more than a fancy marketing pitch. In UdeyTech, you have a company that actually knows how to bring you success. Thus, choose us because we can grow your business with our cross platform design services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

You have questions? Good. When we are talking about something as big as cross platform design, it is good to have questions. Clients must seek answer to their questions because they are the ones who have to ultimately make a financial decision. Here are some FAQs which will help clients make up their minds.

What is cross platform design? How is it different from regular mobile app design?

Cross platform design refers to taking the design process across different platforms. Generally, mobile app design for both Android and iOS is done separately. With cross platform design, companies don’t have to think about design on each platform separately. They can invest their time and effort in cross platform design and not worry about Android or iOS design separately.

How important is cross platform design in the larger scheme of things?

Brands generally don’t think about app development and design in different phases. Why? Cross platform design allows companies to use one design process. Since one process is much more efficient than two or more, cross platform design is very important in the larger scheme of things. Thus, developers today have to take it very seriously.

Can I learn cross platform design? If yes, can I skip the process of looking for a company to do cross platform design for me?

Here’s the thing – you can learn cross platform design right now if you have an active internet connection. Generally speaking, you can learn almost anything today thanks to the open nature of the internet. In addition, if you manage to master cross platform design, you don’t need a company like ours. However, you must also understand this part. Cross platform design is not a joke. To become good enough to manage cross platform design for your own app, it would take you atleast twelve months of training. Even then, there is little guarantee you will be capable of handling cross platform design alone. Thus, the best option is to hire a cross platform design company and leave the technical part to the professionals. In doing so, you give yourself more time to concentrate on your business.

For cross platform design, is it worth it to hire an in-house team?

No, if the only thing you need is cross platform design, it is not worth it to hire an in-house team. Consider for a moment the effort it would take to assemble a design team. Then, think about the financial burden of keeping this team on the payroll. Thus, a better option for your company is to simply hire a cross platform design company and leave the headache to a third party. As your business grows, you can gradually build your team. However, in the beginning, don’t think about hiring an in-house team.

How much time does UdeyTech take for cross platform design?

The time we take for cross platform design varies. Again, the time needed depends on the requirements of the client. If the client needs standard design solutions, the time needed is ten days to two weeks. However, if a client needs something more than a standard solution, the time needed naturally increases.

How much do your cross platform design services cost?

Generally, we do not give an exact price without hearing exact specifications from a client. This is because the needs of every client are different. Every mobile app is different and thus the functions and features of each are different as well. In such a situation, it is impossible for us to give a fixed price. However, we can understand your urge to get a quote for our services. If you wish to get an exact number, get in touch with our sales department.

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