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What is Special about Our Amazon Cloud Computing Services?

AWS and cloud computing is a new way of making better use of digital resources. Generally, companies use traditional resources for data storage and computing. This way of doing things is old and doesn’t account for modern capabilities. Thus, you need to choose the right cloud computing AWS company to help modernize your storage and computing solutions.

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Expertise in AWS Compute Services

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Top Cloud Computing Consultants

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Unrivalled Tech Support

A big reason people choose AWS and cloud computing is to get access to AWS compute solutions. However, many cloud computing companies don’t actually have a handle over this part of the field. Thus, the need for companies with expertise in AWS compute services is obvious. Our cloud computing AWS company has the capability to provide such services.

We understand one thing very well – clients are looking for solutions when hiring a cloud computing AWS company. Whether it’s AWS Edge computing or AWS Elastic compute cloud, any service provider must have a solution-driven mindset. Thus, we also follow a hardboiled solution-oriented mindset which helps us continually provide practical solutions at all stages.

Why is UdeyTech a distinct name in providing cloud computing solutions? Above all, our focus is on making sure the best experts in the field think of joining our cloud computing AWS company. Thus, with the help of the best talent, we ensure our AWS computing services actually solve real problems clients face.

Generally, Amazon cloud computing companies set up cloud infra and are never to be found again. We understand clients always need tech support, even after their receive cloud computing AWS services. Thus, our consultants at UdeyTech stay in touch with clients and continue providing vital tech support.

Cloud Computing Solutions
We Provide

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SOA Architecture

Service oriented architecture or SOA refers to a part of cloud computing where different services and applications are separated into different categories.

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Cloud Virtualization

Cloud virtualization is the path-breaking technology which allows an application to be used by different users in an organization without separate installation on each device.

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Utility Computing

With utility computing, clients get computing power on a pay-as-you-go basis. The IT services offered with utility computing are generally the same as those offered in grid computing.

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Grid Computing

Grid computing allows the connection of different digital resources. In such a model, a system on the user side can access all kinds of digital resources at the click of a button.

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AWS is a cloud computing platform, the most popular in the world. At UdeyTech, we offer cloud computing solutions for a number of platforms and AWS is one of them.

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After AWS, Azure is the most popular platform in the cloud computing domain. It offers a number of storage and computing solutions.

UdeyTech Cloud Computing AWS Services Portfolio

What would convince a company to hire a cloud computing services provider? Besides technical knowledge of AWS virtual server, AWS cloud environment, and other subjects, the company’s track record also plays a role. In short, clients always ask for a company’s portfolio. Thus, here is our own cloud computing AWS portfolio for client consideration.

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Why Should Companies Think About Cloud Computing?

Generally, companies think of cloud computing as a luxury, not a necessity. In doing so, they plainly ignore the many advantages cloud computing can bring. In this day and age where efficiency is a buzz word, cloud computing is vital and a real path to true efficiency. Thus, here are some advantages of using cloud technology.
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Step One

Reduction in IT Services Cost
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Step Two

Better Digital Environment for Collaboration
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Step Three

Better Business Scalability Options
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Step Four

Flexibility in Work Style and Methodology
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Step Five

Instant Data and Computing Access
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Step SIX

Higher Standard of Data Security

Our Values as a Company Providing Cloud Computing AWS Services

Even when someone hires a website development company in Los Angeles, the expectation of some core values is natural. When looking for cloud computing service providers, firms are looking for a worthy partner. We are a worthy partner to our clients because of our commitment to certain core values. Our values are explained here in short. 

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

Clients naturally expect the cloud computing AWS company they hire to deliver services within a set timeframe. However, an even greater form of deliverance lies in delivery of quality. At UdeyTech, we understand the importance of delivery, both in time and quality. Thus, one of our primary values is delivery.

In cloud computing, knowledge is everything. However, when we speak of knowledge, we don’t speak of theoretical concepts. For us at UdeyTech, knowledge implies knowing real solutions to problems important to our clients. Thus, our consultants are well-trained and equipped to solve real problems of clients.

We don’t just commit to giving consulting solutions to our clients. In addition, our cloud computing AWS company also commits to making sure companies get the benefits of cloud computing. In short, we make sure each solution we provide benefits our clients. We are able to make such commitments because of trust in our own abilities.

When clients come to us for cloud computing AWS solutions, they expect us to help them become more efficient. In this line of work, caring is a necessity because consultants have to make things work for their clients. Thus, one of our guiding values is caring for our clients and helping them find success.

Why Choose UdeyTech for Cloud Computing AWS Services?

UdeyTech is the right partner for you for one simple reason – we actually know how to help you succeed. Other cloud computing service providers have a great sales pitch, but nothing more. In UdeyTech, you have an all-weather cloud computing AWS partner that knows how to help you succeed and grow as a company.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

For us at UdeyTech, answering any number of queries clients might have is, above all, a duty. In doing so, we make sure clients are satisfied and more inclined to hire us for cloud computing services. To start with, here are a few FAQs discussing some general queries.

Q) What is cloud computing?

A) In the old days, businesses used to keep information in files and folders. Then, computers came along and data was stored on hard disks. However, this data could only be accessed if it was stored on the hard disk. The same was true for software installed on hard disks. With cloud computing, systems can access data and computing power from the cloud without having the data on a local storage device. Generally, this technology finds immense use today in all kinds of workplaces where quick access to data and computing power is essential.

Q) I have a small business. How does cloud computing help me?

A) Even if you are running a small business, you need to ensure your team can easily access relevant data and software at any time. With cloud computing, you make your team’s job easier and bring greater efficiency to your business.

Q) What are the different parts of cloud computing?

A) There are many different parts of cloud computing which together make it an important field. Broadly speaking, cloud computing is made up of SOA architecture, grid computing, utility computing, and cloud virtualization.

Q) Should I choose AWS, Azure, or another cloud computing platform?

A) Each cloud platform has its own benefit. If you decide to choose us for helping you with cloud computing, you don’t need to worry about such questions. Our cloud computing consultants will listen to your specific needs and choose an appropriate platform suited for your needs.

Q) Do I need a cloud computing AWS company? Can’t I learn cloud computing on my own?

A) Firstly, you need to understand how hard it is to build a team of top-notch cloud consultants. Secondly, many small businesses find it difficult to keep such talented people on the payroll for a long time. This is because while they’re good at their job, their domain is too specific. Thus, the best option is to hire a cloud computing AWS company.

Q) How much time will you need to provide essential cloud computing services?

A) The time it takes us to set up cloud computing solutions for different companies varies. In some cases, we are able to finish the job within two weeks. In other cases, the nature of a client’s demands can ensure the time it takes to setup cloud services is more. Thus, you should get in touch with our sales team to know the time it would take us to help your company.

Q) Will I receive additional tech support after getting cloud infrastructure?

A) Yes, we understand our clients generally need tech support after the installation of cloud architecture. Thus, we step up and provide unrivalled tech support until our clients become familiar with cloud technology. Generally, no other cloud computing firm gives as much tech support as we do.

Q) What is the cost of your cloud computing services?

A) Since the requirement of each client walking through our door is different, the cost of consulting varies as well. Generally, we listen to the specific demands of our clients before arriving on an exact quote. We understand if some clients wish to know the specific price of our services. In such a case, they should get in touch with our sales team.

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