Good web development ideas hold crucial importance for companies, even in 2020. This is why we see a genuine push from companies to hire developers known to come up with great web dev project ideas. People generally see website development as a very technical process. However, the one thing many miss is the innovation needed...
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What are the Reasons Behind your Failing Development Project-min
Handling a failing development project is a part of the job. Professionals know that every project doesn’t go according to plan. Some falter and crumble due to obvious reasons while others are met with unforeseen challenges. The ability to turn a failing development project into a success takes experience and knowhow. Asking why your development...
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Qualitative Data for New Product Development
What is the need for qualitative data during new product development? We live in a world where phrases like ‘data is the new gold’ and ‘data is king’ are treated like biblical prophecies. Generally, people don’t understand the meaning of such vague messianic messages. Thus qualitative data analysis in a field like product development doesn’t...
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