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Why Our Are Unique?

For many, big data is just another trending term along with AI and machine learning. However, the one difference between big data and other trends is its deep entrenchment in the current tech space. Its popularity explains the presence of so many big data analytics companies. Here is why our big data services are unique.

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Non-Traditional Analytics Approach

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Solution-Driven Analysis

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Best Data Analysts

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High Business Intelligence

Our big data testing approach comes from a non-traditional basis. This means we don’t follow old methods. This is not just because we want to be different. Big data analytics companies have to give clients unique insights no one else can gather. This means stepping away from traditional techniques is the right approach and above all helps clients.

Analysis without an objective is generally fraught with contradictions and errors. Thus, it is vital for any company offering big data services to have a solution-oriented mindset. UdeyTech is a rare company offering big data consulting services which gives real solutions. In short, we help companies find real solutions to their problems through data analytics.  

How do we manage to offer the best big data consulting services? Contrary to what people believe, there is no secret. Our hiring strategy paves the way for the best big data analysts to join UdeyTech, helping us offer better services. The best team often has the best players, and thus, best big data services come with top analysts.

We offer big data services to companies who want to grow their business. At some point, analysts have to understand the underlying business significance of a given set of data. Not every analytics problem is a math equation. Thus, analysts must have unique business intelligence skills as well. With our big data testing services, you can put such worries to rest.

Big Data Technologies
We Work With

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Hadoop is basically a database framework. It is popular primarily because it analyses data stored across different machines at high speeds.

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MongoDB is a very popular type of database. It generally finds greater use in data analytics because of its flexibility in handling different data types.

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A data mining technology, Presto is an SQL query engine which is used for analyzing many terabytes and petabytes of data at a time.

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Typicaly, Elasticsearch finds mention as a data mining technology. As the name suggests, it works like a search engine for HTTP and JSON files.

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Kafka is a stream processing data analytics technology. Many top companies such as Netflix, Twitter, and LinkedIn use Kafka as data analytics software for big data.

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Spark is a data analytics technology used extensively for big data services. Generally, it is known for providing greater computing power to many types of applications.

UdeyTech Big Data Services Portfolio

Generally, a company offering big data analytics services gains trust through its track record. Most companies in the big data consulting services arena understand as much. Usually, clients rely on portfolios to study the track record of a company. Thus, people looking for big data services can find our portfolio here.

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How do we study large data sets?

When it comes to big data, the nature of the process is instrumental in guaranteeing success. Most big data service providers do have a process. However, their viability remains in doubt. Whether its big data cloud service or simple consulting, a process is necessary. Here is our own six-step process which above all helps achieve optimal results for clients.
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Step One

Define Objective
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Step Two

Create Experiment and Define Variables
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Step Three

Set Up Environment for Experiment
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Step Four

Conduct Experiment
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Step Five

Note Findings and Validate Them with Visible Trends
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Step SIX

Reanalyze Process for Errors and Bugs

Our Values as a Company Providing Big Data Services

Even for hiring a website development company in Los Angeles, a client hires a firm with certain key values. Values are important in these times because they help set big data consulting companies apart. Thus, clients hire companies with whom they share values. Here are our values as a company providing big data services.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

When it comes to big data, do clients only expect delivery within a deadline? Above all else, clients want big data services companies to provide valuable insight, not just timely delivery. Thus, deliverance in quality and time are both important. At UdeyTech, we hence make it a point to deliver quality in service while honoring the agreed upon deadline.

Big data is a very technical field. Generally, clients know when a firm doesn’t have the resources to take on big data projects. We are one of the few of the big data companies list which has the knowledge resources to deliver positive analytics outcomes. Whether it’s big data analytics in finance or defense, we strive to know what’s necessary and above all help clients.

For hiring a simple website development company in Los Angeles, people seek commitments. Why is looking for the same commitment not applicable when talking about big data services? The big data analytics market is big, but there very few firms that can actually commit. We don’t shy away from commitments and above all tries to give clients peace of mind.

UdeyTech is in the business of telling clients how they can improve their business. In our line of work, we have to care about the people we work for or risk extinction. Clients hire us because they know we give authentic insights and strategic counsel. Thus, in UdeyTech, you don’t just get big data services, but, a business intelligence partner as well.

Why Choose UdeyTech for Big Data Services?

You need solutions and we know it. Generally, the big data labs you visit and think about hiring don’t have anything more than an attractive sales pitch. In short, they can lure you, but not provide concrete solutions. In UdeyTech, you get a big data platform as a service provider helping find real solutions to your growth problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

When hiring a company for big data services in defence or any other field, clients are bound to have questions. Generally, firms are not able to answer common questions related to big data services. At UdeyTech, this is not a problem. Here are some FAQs which will help answer some of your basic queries. In addition, you can get in touch with our sales team for further queries.

Q) What is big data?

A) Big data refers to an assortment of methods and techniques used to analyze large sets of data to find underlying patterns and trends. Generally, analyzing large sets of data is a tedious task. Big data above all seeks to make it simpler by going beyond traditional data analysis techniques and software.

Q) Why is big data suddenly so important?

A) If you look closely, the rise of big data was always coming. In the digital age, each action of an individual is logged and saved. The picture you liked, the link you clicked on, the term you searched, everything is logged somewhere. When you take this digital data and extrapolate it to an entire neighborhood, city, or country, you will get a data set too large and tedious to analyze. Thus, big data becomes a natural solution.

Q) What type of tools and technologies do analysts use at UdeyTech?

A) Our analysts make use of all tools and technologies essential for the success of a given project. Generally, we use technologies like Presto and Elasticsearch for data mining. Databases are organized in frameworks like MongoDB and Hadoop. For data analytics, our analysts use Kafka and Spark. However, these are not the only technologies we use. The big data services we provide vary, and thus the nature of the tools we end up using also varies.

Q) What is the special quality of your big data services?

A) Our special qualities are adherence to the objective and honesty in insights. When companies bring us onboard to analyze a set of data, we don’t tell them what they would like to hear. Our insights are unadulterated. This is generally the reason most of our clients never leave us. In this particular domain, truth telling is not a virtue, but a necessity for client success above all else.

Q) Is it better to hire a team of big data analysts or a company providing such services?

A) Firstly, finding a team of talented big data analysts is a very difficult task. Building big data labs and filling it with top-draw analysts is easier said than done. Secondly, keeping talented analysts on the payroll will hurt the financial position of any small business. Thus, the best option is to hire a top firm from the big data companies list and let it handle the job.

Q) How much time does UdeyTech take to deliver on big data services?

A) Generally, we don’t give a standard deadline to anyone without listening to their specific needs. Sometimes, we handle big data in banking and finance services. Other times, we take over big data analytics in defence firms. In each of these cases, the time varies because the scale of the task is different. Thus, if you wish to know the exact time it would take us to help you, get in touch with our sales team.

Q) What type of extra business support will I get after getting insights from UdeyTech?

A) Our data insights are not just designed to satisfy mathematical curiosities. We understand that as a big data services company, we generally work to help businesses grow. Thus, our insights always give clear business insights which help clients make key decisions. In UdeyTech, you have a partner which brings years of experience in business intelligence.

Q) How much money do you charge for providing big data services?

A) The money we charge for our big data services generally depends on your requirements. It is impossible for us to give a standard price for our services. If you need an exact quote, kindly get in touch with our sales team.