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Which are the best free SEO tools in the market?

Firstly, there is a need to understand why the best and free SEO tools are important.

It is strange to see the words ‘best’ and ‘free’ appear together. Yet, in the case of SEO tools, a majority of SEOs do try to find top-notch tools that are also free.

Thus, talking about the best free SEO tools is very relevant. The notion that premium tools come at a high price is not completely right in SEO. Professionals can reach the pinnacle of their SEO game with the help of free tools available for all to use.

Whether it’s the best keyword research tool or the best SEO audit tool, SEOs can find one which offers the service needed at no cost. After all, SEO is a practice in getting free organic traffic to websites. Why shouldn’t most SEOs rely on the best free SEO tools available?

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In this piece, we will cover all the best free SEO tools professionals can consider using to raise their game.

The Best Free SEO Tools in the Market

Here are the best free SEO tools you can use to optimize search visibility-

#1 Google Keyword Planner 

Best Free SEO Tools - Google Keyword Planner (2)-min

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best free keyword research tools in the market. While some do criticize its lack of accuracy, it is the perfect tool for keyword and topical trends.

Keyword Planner is free to use. It is the best free keyword research tool an SEO can use in the market partly because it also finds use for outbound search marketing.

How does Keyword Planner work? For an SEO, the best way to use Keyword Planner is to search for possible keywords and study the search volume. SEOs must simultaneously search keywords on Google to find the websites ranking for the same. After comparing the DA of website ranking higher and searches getting featured snippet, SEOs can formulate a much better SEO strategy.

#2 Google Search Console

One of the popular best free SEO tools around, Google Search Console is crucial for optimizing the search presence of a website. It is useful for analyzing how the webpages of a website perform on Google.

Search Console is purely a search-oriented tool. It doesn’t exactly analyse traffic. Instead, it tells SEOs how the website is performing on certain keywords.

For SEOs, Search Console is an essential tool to have for many reasons. There aren’t many tools around which allow SEOs to see the status of their webpages w.r.t to the search engine. This includes checking the coverage of webpages, sitemap, mobile-friendliness, crawling frequency, and so on. It is one of the best SEO tools partly because it is absolutely indispensable.

#3 Google Analytics

Like many other tools from Google, Analytics is also very valuable and indispensable. It is a widely regarded traffic analysis tool which measures key visitor stats. Generally, every website that depends on organic traffic, whether it’s from search engines or social media, relies on Google Analytics.

This dependence on Analytics has many reasons. Firstly, it is a free and accurate traffic analysis tools. There are other free tools for traffic analysis, but a lot of them are not accurate. Secondly, Google Analytics offers a range of key traffic KPIs which other tools don’t.

This makes Google Analytics one of the best free SEO tools around. The number of top SEOs using Google Analytics only strengthens its popularity.

#4 Google Trends

Content analysis is a key part of SEO. After all, the entire point of SEO is bringing people closer to a website through quality content. Thus, the type of topics SEOs choose to create content on has a big role to play in SEO outcomes.

Google Trends is one of the best free SEO tools within this context. It helps SEOs find topics that are trending with the target audience. Furthermore, SEOs can compare the relative popularity of a given topic based on user searches.

Generally, smart SEOs use Keyword Planner and Google Trends together to identify the best possible keywords. Thus, it can become the best free keyword research tool if used well by SEOs who understand its innate potential.

#5 Bing Webmaster

Like Search Console, Webmaster is an important SEO tool for those looking to extract maximum organic traffic. It provides the entire range of analytics and KPIs Search Console does.

A lot of times, SEOs tend to ignore traffic coming from major search engines besides Google. However, little slices of traffic coming from Bing become important when their role in lead generation or sales campaigns grows. For instance, if the conversion rate of visitors coming from Bing is 25% higher, SEOs have to consider optimizing search presence for Bing.

Thus, Bing Webmaster is one of the best SEO tools around if SEOs are looking for a way to grow their traffic. Along with Search Console, Webmaster is also one of the best tools around.

#6 Data Studio

SEO analysts understand the importance of Data Studio. While SEOs have no problem shuffling between Analytics and Search Console, it is ultimately a taxing process. Data Studio is a simple solution to this problem.

With the help of Data Studio, SEOs can pour over important data from both Analytics, Search Console, and other Google tools on one platform. This is helpful for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it ensures no strand of data goes unnoticed as it becomes available on one central platform.

Secondly, Data Studio is a very effective platform to get better visual representation of data. SEOs have to deal with marketing heads who don’t know a lot of search optimization. Thus, good visual representation is important to bring everyone on the same page.

#7 Answer the Public

Best Free SEO Tools - Answer the Public

Finding keyword ideas is never a straightforward process. When SEOs have to work within a small niche, coming up with new ideas to write content is a difficult job.

Free keyword research tools are not exactly uncommon. However, very few of them reflect the kind of topics users are actually searching. This is because they don’t regularly update their database according to changing user behavior.

Answer the Public is different in this regard. It is one of the best SEO tools around because it gives accurate keyword ideas to SEOs. There aren’t many tools around which give away accurate topic ideas which are actually searched by real users. These qualities make this one of the best free SEO tools around.

#8 Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is a very trusted name when it comes to matters regarding SEO. Almost any SEO with even a little experience would have heard of Moz.

Keyword Explorer is Moz’s very own keyword research tool. While it’s not one of the 100% free keyword research tools, it still offers enough data to be useful to SEOs.

Some of the metrics in Moz Keyword Explorer such as keyword difficulty, priority, and CTR are extremely useful. SEOs can use this tool for free suggestions ten times a month. Thus, SEOs should come to this tool only after thoroughly completing keyword research through other tools. In conclusion, Moz Keyword Explorer can become an excellent keyword validation tool.

#9 Link Miner

Link Miner is one of the best free SEO tools from the link building legend Jon Cooper. It comes in the form of a free Google extension and allows SEOs to find the broken links on any given website.

SEOs are always on the lookout for creating valuable backlinks. Broken link building is an underrated link building technique because of its overall tedious nature. With a tool like Link Miner which quickly spots the broken links on a website, the process becomes much easier.

Another advantage of using Link Miner is its ability to provide SEO metrics on a simple Google search. SEOs are always on the lookout for more data and Link Miner provides important insights at every turn. It is also regarded by many as one the best SEO audit tool, especially amongst those available for free.

#10 Yoast SEO – The Most Popular Best and Free SEO Tools Around

Anybody who uses WordPress must have heard of Yoast. It is a highly effective SEO tool used by the best SEOs around.

Yoast provides SEOs the ability to analyse key on-page SEO factors of their content. It primarily offers users two kinds of analysis – SEO and readability. SEO analysis covers on-page factors like keyword density, internal linking, keyword in subheading, and so on. Readability analysis includes qualitative aspects of the content such as passive voice, subheading distribution, and so on.

For managing on-page SEO, Yoast is a very good tool. SEOs in the early stages of their career can use Yoast as a tool to carefully understand every little aspect of on-page SEO.

#11 Google My Business – Amongst the Highly Effective Best and Free SEO tools

Best Free SEO Tools - Google My Business

Local SEO is an essential part of improving organic presence on search engines. Google My Business is an effective tool for SEOs to improve local SEO.

Many businesses are slowly turning their focus on local SEO now. Search algorithms are making it a point to give priority to locally relevant search results. Thus, SEOs have to sharpen their push towards local SEO. One way of doing this is using Google My Business.

Google My Business is a typical business listing tool that allows companies to rank their website and details higher on search rankings when people search for them. The best part about Google My Business is that it doesn’t take a long time to optimize a listing for high search position.

While it’s not counted often amongst the best free SEO tools, its effectiveness makes it a clear candidate.

#12 Small SEO Tools – One of the Best and Free to Use

Old time SEO execs will know Small SEO Tools. It offers SEOs access to more than 100 SEO tools for free. Each tool covers some essential aspect of SEO such as keyword research, backlink analysis, and so on.

Generally, Small SEO Tools is popular amongst those looking for a single platform for various SEO needs. Since all tools are free, Small SEO Tools is very popular amongst those who can’t invest money in buying tools.

The platform covers different SEO operations such as plagiarism checking, grammar checking, word counting, keyword research, anchor text checking, and so on. People running websites will find Small SEO tools extremely useful, not just for SEO, but other operations as well. For a low budget analysis of a website from a search optimization perspective, Small SEO Tools is the best SEO audit tool around.

#13 Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool which helps SEOs find new topics for their content. Like Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and other keyword tools listed here, Buzzsumo helps SEOs identify new content topics.

However, Buzzsumo also tells users about the popularity of certain topics on channels besides search engines, such as social media platforms. This makes it unique and a good tool for an SEO to have.

The best free SEO tools are made special by their ability to offer SEOs something unique. In the case of Buzzsumo, it does offer something real to SEOs. SEOs are tasked with bringing organic traffic to a website. If they can get a larger share of traffic from social media, which Buzzsumo can play a role in, they can hit their target and even exceed expectations.

Buzzsumo is not completely free. It offers limited functionality for non-paying users. However, even the free version can serve as a good indicator on the popularity of certain topics.

#14 Cloudflare – Amongst SEO Tools Known For Being the Best and Free



How does using a CDN help SEOs?

The main benefit from an SEO outcomes standpoint is speeding up the website. The page load time of a web page is now a crucial ranking factor. Search engines never rank websites with long loading time a high rank. This push comes as search engines like Google and Bing are trying to make user experience the priority.

CDNs help in this regard. They vastly improve the loading speed of a website and make it possible for a website to rank higher.

Cloudflare is a free CDN SEOs can use and immediately improve loading speed. One of the best free SEO tools around, many SEOs don’t actually use Cloudflare. This is partly because they are not aware of the many advantages of using a CDN.

Cloudflare is not 100% free and comes with a premium version. Generally, SEOs use the free version. However, if the SEO budget permits, professionals can consider going for the paid version.

#15 Google Page Speed Insights – One of the recently launched best free SEO tools 

There is generally no dearth of SEO tools which allow websites to check the speed of their website. However, using a tool mandated by Google itself for checking loading speed is a no brainer.

Google Page Speed Insights is a very effective tool SEOs can use to analyze all the factors slowing down their website. The tool provides very specific analysis, pointing out the exact areas where a website needs to improve to enhance loading speed.

The best part is that Page Speed Insights separately analyses the loading speed for mobile and desktop versions of a website. This is crucial because mobile users are slowly becoming much more important. Thus, every SEO working in the space right must use Page Speed Insights and make an effort to increase the loading speed.

Check Your Website page speed On GT matrix

In Conclusion – The Best Free SEO Tools

Not all good things should come at a premium. The concept of SEO is modelled around all parties getting what they want with the simple flow of content.

The search for good tools never ends. People were searching best SEO tools 2018 and best SEO tools 2019, and they will continue doing so for the coming years. As a practice, SEO is not going anywhere. This means SEO tools are not going anywhere and thus SEOs must always know which ones offer them best value.

The purpose of this list is not to encourage SEOs to not buy premium paid tools. Some paid SEO tools are very good and help SEOs a lot. However, there are enough free tools for SEOs to bring meaningful organic traffic to their website. Once SEOs build a base using the best free SEO tools, they should go and use better tools that offer much deeper insights.

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