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bike lock

bike lock

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A bike lock company provides all types of a bike lock, and bicycle lock, including bike u lock, bike combination lock, folding bike lock, bicycle lock, bicycle u lock, bicycle combination lock, etc. They also provide an option called Double key registration. There is some point we are going to define:


Why is knowing the different types of bike locks consequential?

We get your point. A bike lock is not often considered something worth delving into. It is a functional tool and has a particular purpose. What is the point of knowing if the bike lock one wants to buy is of a specific type or not? As long as it does its job, which is protecting a bicycle from theft, there is no need for sifting over more delicate details.

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For a moment, think of a scenario where you lose your bike. The bike was important to you. Your commute to work will now become a significant hassle. You will have to spend extra money on conveyance every day would surely increase. Down the line, you might have to stump up the money for a new bike.

Your bike got stolen despite having a standard chain lock. The thief broke the lock open with a pair of bolt cutters. When you took the lock the shopkeeper you bought it from, he shrugs and says the steel in the chain is not hardened, and thus easy to cut.

What if you had known this little fact before buying the bike lock? What is you had known that a thief would easily cut through a cheap chain bike lock not made of hardened steel? If you did know, you’d probably have bought a better lock, one better equipped to deal with bad parties.

Knowledge is never important until it is. In this section, we discuss the different types of bike locks popular in the market and the top manufacturers of such locks.

Chain Bike Locks

bike lock

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The chain bike lock comes with a simple principle – tie two things together to make them inseparable. The simple approach makes chain bike locks popular amongst cyclists. There are many who do not overthink the bike lock purchase dilemma and go with a simple solid chain that does the job.

Now for a thief, breaking a chain bike lock is theoretically as simple as the functioning principle of the lock itself. To steal a bike secure by a chain, a thief has to cut the chain open.

Most thieves use bolt cutters for cutting a chain open. No matter how long the chain, all a thief needs to do is cut it open. Naturally, a chain with a smaller inner diameter is more difficult to cut as it won’t fit the blade of the bolt cutter easily.

In case a chain bike lock is the only solution, bikers should make sure that the shackle is durable, and the chain is made of hardened steel. Most thieves are on the lookout for easy scalps, and a hardened steel chain lock is not an easy mark.

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Cable Bike Locks

bike lock


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The most famous bike lock in the USA  is likely to find, cable bike locks are popular because of their simple and easy mechanism. Like chain locks, cable locks also involve using an extended material to restrict the movement of the bicycle and securing the connection with a lock.

A regular bike thief is likely to be much happier seeing a cable bike lock, simply because they are too easy to break. The popularity of cable bike locks shows the existential gap in knowledge normal bikers having regarding the best way to secure a bike.

Considering all the points made, it is still understandable why a biker would prefer a cable bike lock despite its many deficiencies. In this case, it best to buy a cable lock that is easily amongst the strongest bike locks in the market.

The best combination lock the USA comes with a four feet durable cable no thief will be able to overcome with a pair of bolt cutters. Many bikers prefer combination bike locks because there is no need for a key, eliminating one thing bikers may have to worry about.

Some features of this Via Velo bike lock include –

  • Multipurpose – With the presence of a four feet cable, this combination lock can be used to secure other vulnerabilities such as fences and gates.
  • Protection from Lock Pickers – There is always the danger of a lock picker clicking open a bike lock and stealing the bike. This is not the case with this Via Velo lock.
  • Mounting Bracket – This lock comes with a convenient mounting bracket just to ensure that bikers don’t have to worry about keeping the lock at some other location. The lock goes wherever the bike does.
  • Warranty – The bicycle lock comes with a three-year warranty so that buyers can rest easy about the lifetime of their lock.

D-Locks and U-Locks

bike lock

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One of the more recent inventions in the bike locks game, D-lock, and U-lock are looking like two most secure options for securing a bicycle. While these bike locks are usually more expensive than cable and chain locks, they are a much better security solution than either chain or cable bike locks.

The 14mm Shackle U-Lock is a popular choice amongst bikers looking for a solution to their bike security needs. It comes with a unique locking mechanism and sure-shot anti-theft protection, giving bikers the necessary peace of mind.

There are many unique features with the 14mm shackle Via Velo bike lock. Some of them are –

  • Drill protective and resistant to pull
  • The lock is resistant from malicious individuals
  • Comes with a convenient mounting bracket making it easy to transport
  • Resistant to corrosion. Dust, dirt, water, and debris resistant

Another popular lock offered by Via Velo is the 15mm long shackle bike lock that can be used to lock two bikes together. This is great for friends or siblings traveling together to work or school and doesn’t want to invest separately in a bicycle lock.  

Like the 14mm bike lock, the 15mm also comes with a whole host of essential bicycle security features. Some of these include –

  • The 15mm Via Velo locks come with three keys. One has an LED light if a rider parks the bike in a dark place. 
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Since this is a 15mm lock, its thickness is primed to drive away some of the most audacious bike thieves.
  • Aesthetically modulated to give the bike and lock a modern look

Folding Locks

The need for locks that occupy minimal space and provide maximum security has become common. The push for cycling due to environmental reasons has been a major cause behind an increased focus on efficient bicycle security.

With foldable locks, bikers can easily carry their bike locks around by folding it down several notches. Those commuting to work or school and in need of a bike lock, which is easy to carry around, have the option of opting for folding locks.

The  Folding bike lock is the best option if a biker is looking for the most secure security options at an affordable price. Designed especially to allow easy transportation, some key features of this particular bicycle lock include –

  • With eight joints, the foldable bike lock has an easy to fold setup
  • Maintains the frame of the bike with its stainless steel manufacturing and ABS rubber paint coating
  • Compact in size and easy to transport
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back policy

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article gave an overview of the different types of bike locks popular in the market. Based on their budget and requirement, bikers can choose any of the aforementioned types of locks.



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