7 Key Features of Bed and Breakfast Business Websites

bed and breakfast

bed and breakfast

The tourism business has vast potential in the US. The country is flooded with both foreign and domestic tourists during the recession basically in the tourist locations. Therefore, if you have a house in such locations with separate rooms and washrooms, bed and breakfast business is the one you can think to start.

Apart from this, you also have to think about certain issues before starting a bed and breakfast business.

“What makes my home unique or captivating?”

“Is my family prepared to have strangers stay in their homes?”

“Do I have the time and skills needed?”

“Do I take pleasure in cooking tasteful meals and cleaning rooms?”

If you’re yes to the above questions’ it obviously means you have a passion for B&B business, then it’s going to yield a good surplus for you.

As a matter of fact, the B&B business cannot run without having an online presence. There are two basic ways to do it better. Firstly, you can integrate it into tours and travel websites such as Airbnb, OYO, or more. Secondly, you can have your own bed and breakfast websites. While comparing, the latter seems working the better way as you may own a small B&B business.


Similarly, the unique design and specific features in your B&B website will bring prompt success in your hands. Let’s discuss some of the key features of the best bed and breakfast websites:

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Mobile App Development:

Mobile App is important for almost every online business. In fact, your prospective customers or visitors will interact via B&B mobile app rather than through conventional means of communication. Similarly, the mobile app improves the guest experience to your B&B business. Such apps enable you to manage your business from the back-end. Moreover, it can connect your guest to your B&B brand on a personal level.

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User-friendly and Responsive Design:

In fact, your guest visitors make the snap decision of your B&B business when they visit your site. A user-friendly website has a seamless and flawless visualization of your services and properties. It can help increase traffic engagements. The more traffic engagements are on your site, they are more likely to increase the conversions. Furthermore, responsive design enables your website display decently on mobile phones, computers, tablets, and alike. Consequently, it increases their experience with your property and services.

Today’s Menu and To-do lists:

This is also one of the prominent features your B&B website complies with. Generally, people with busy schedules love to escape their daily routine during the recession. In most cases, they tend to Google, ‘bed and breakfast near me’ and head towards it. Therefore, your website should contain these features.

You can choose to offer a few (or several) dishes depending on the size of your business. Similarly, to amuse them in the homely environment you can update some interesting ‘To-do lists’. This helps guests experience the home away from home in a new locality.

Easy Booking System:

Your developers should develop this feature from the customers’ perspective; it should be a hassle-free process. The developers should integrate this feature according to the facilities you provide to your guests. Similarly, there should be 24*7 booking options. Furthermore, this feature should well configure to your website and enable the customers to select and confirm the dates of their visit. These all should be an easy process.

Services and Offers:

Services and offers are the most fascinating features of your B&B website. The website should clearly display the services such as luxury rooms, cheap local dishes, private-balconies, fireplaces and so on. Similarly, you can offer some special discounts on food or room rents to draw more guests. Likewise, it should display some of the peculiarities of your business which others don’t have.



Location is one of the most important aspects of the bed and breakfast business. Simply put, setting up a location in the B&B business website is inevitable. It helps your guests not only to find you easily but also they get attracted to your ideal location. Furthermore, they get information about the accessibility and peculiarities of your B&B hotel.


Having feedback on your B&B business website is a good idea to know yourself. Guests’ reviews help you know where you stand and what needs to be improved. Good reviews always attract the existing as well as prospective guests to your business. It will also help in creating a brand for your bed and breakfast business.


Although the bed and breakfast business seems lucrative, it comprises of many challenges to start. Therefore,  your developer should use the basic eCommerce development tools to develop your site. It ultimately helps you get ‘The best B&B’ tag from your guests otherwise you have to hang the board ‘B&B for Sale’.






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