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Artificial Intelligence Development Company

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Why OurAI Software DevelopmentServices are Unique?

Artificial intelligence is a field most companies don’t have a clear idea about. Generally,
people know it’s essential. However, that is where the matter usually ends. In UdeyTech, you have an artificial intelligence development company with a complete grasp of the subject.
Here is why our AI development services are outstanding.

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Strategic Work Plan

Artificial intelligence development is a complex field with many moving parts. Even the best artificial intelligence development company in Los Angeles can have a cluttered view of the subject. Thus, a clear picture of AI and development matters is crucial. Our services are unique because our knowledge of the issue is crystal clear.

Practicality is a big issue in AI software development because of the state of development in most firms. Generally, artificial intelligence developers are not equipped to implement skills for practical applications. For an artificial intelligence development company, this is an absolute must. Thus, UdeyTech has an application-mindset at every turn of its development cycle.

In artificial intelligence development, one thing is detailed with a reasonable doubt. The need for talented people is evident. This is a highly technical field in which having the best talent is often the most critical criterion. At UdeyTech, we have mechanisms in place to ensure the best artificial intelligence developers join our firm.

Even the best artificial intelligence development company in Los Angeles won’t be a good fit without a work strategy. This is not a new concept. A work methodology is always essential because it ensures efficient use of resources. Thus, UdeyTech has a detailed work strategy. This ensures we work strategically and systematically, making the best service available resources.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies
We Work With

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Machine Learning

At its heart, machine learning is memorization. For a field like artificial general intelligence, it helps perform vital functions and provides rapid learning abilities

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Natural Language Processing

NLP is generally regarded as a pillar of AI. To help AI perform, there is first a need to enable it to understand the world. This is generally where NLP comes in.

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Deep Learning

Deep learning is a tent for machine learning. It generally finds use in the creation of neural networks that help in decision making based on available variables.

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Virtual Agent

A virtual agent is the interface of an AI which interacts with humans. Generally, programs like chatbots are an effective virtual agent for an AI program.

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Decision Management

The entire point of artificial general intelligence is independent decision making. Thus, our AI development firm places enormous importance on an optimal decision management framework.

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Cyber Defense

In artificial intelligence development, it is vital to give the program the ability to defend itself. Thus, we ensure the cyber defense is a crucial component of our cyber defense system.

UdeyTech Artificial Intelligence Development Portfolio

Generally, an AI app development company is hired when its track record proves its competence. The reason is apparent. No client will trust a rookie company for AI development. Thus, AI software development companies must have a proven track record. Here is our portfolio for the consideration of clients.

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How do we develop Artificial Intelligence Systems?

When you venture out to find an artificial intelligence development company, you will notice one trend. Every company has a different approach to the field. This is because AI development is still not a generic tech field. There are always competing schools of thought within it. Thus, there is a diversity in approach. Here is our six-step process.
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Step One

Defining purpose and objectives
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Step Two

Data Access, Integration, and Analysis
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Step Three

Using AI Tech to Create Multiple Tools
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Step Four

Test and Debug All Models
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Step Five

Identify the Best Model
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Step SIX

Handover to Client and Tech Support

Our Values as a Chatbot Development Company

For hiring a simple website development company in Los Angeles, you want to ensure it shares your values. Values play a crucial role because they help define the DNA of an artificial intelligence development company. Thus, our values also clearly show the DNA of UdeyTech amongst other AI software development companies.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

When clients ask us to build an AI system for a particular function, they don’t just expect timely delivery. Generally, in something as crucial as AI, meeting a deadline is not enough. Delivering quality is of much greater importance and thus, a core value of UdeyTech. Our artificial intelligence development company believes in delivery in both time and substance.

The value of knowledge in a field like artificial intelligence is priceless. At UdeyTech, our goal is to always keep ourselves at the forefront of artificial intelligence latest developments. Our goal is to both learn and set the trend for new products in the field. Thus, one of our core values is to know things important for AI development.

Commitment is important because it builds trust. In a field like AI, trust is earned with competence. However, first, a firm must show confidence in its work by making a hard commitment. In artificial intelligence research and development, doing as much is essential. Thus, we commit and help firms get AI for development and growth prospects.

Our AI app development cares. Amongst other AI software development companies, we are one of the few that cares. We care because we believe in mutual growth. If we can help a company grow with intelligent AI solutions, success will find us as well. Joint development is the only way to, above all, ensure long term growth.

Why Choose our Artificial Intelligence Development Company?

For the development of artificial intelligence in computer science, you need a solution-driven company. Our firm is not interested solely in making a great sales pitch. We have something beyond a good marketing strategy. You should choose us because we have an actual plan to help your company succeed with our AI solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

It is almost necessary to have questions about AI development. However, many firms that venture into advanced AI development don’t have the answers. At UdeyTech, you won’t find yourself in such a situation. Here are a few FAQs to help you understand AI development.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to think. Generally, machines are programmed to perform in a certain way. Even machine learning is essentially making machines perform specific actions. However, AI cuts the clutter and gives the device the ability to think and make real independent decisions.

What is the advantage of using artificial intelligence?

The advantages of using AI are endless. Firstly, there is a long list of applications of AI. It can be used as a path-breaking technology in every sector, from agriculture to space tech. For instance, let’s assume your company hires our artificial intelligence development company for marketing automation. With an AI solution for marketing automation, you get ahead of 99% of your competition in marketing.

What is the type of technologies used in AI development at UdeyTech?

To make an AI model which performs according to our clients’ expectations, we use a range of Technologies. These include machine learning, neural networks, decision management, and so on. Generally, AI development is more about testing than building. This means developers learn more about AI models during debugging than the development process. Thus, the use of AI tools and tech are crucial.

With your artificial intelligence development company, what are the benefits I receive?

With a professional AI development company like ours, you get a partner who can take you into the future. Leveraging technology like AI will propel you into the future.The benefits your company gets from AI solutions are endless. Generally, AI solutions will first help you beat all competition in the market. Then, it will create a path where the growth of your company becomes more apparent.

Should I hire a team of AI developers or an external AI development company?

Firstly, finding talented AI developers is very difficult. There are far too few people in the industry that can help independently build an AI system. Secondly, even if you manage to find quality developers, hiring and keeping them on the payroll is a tall order. Thus, the best option in front of you is to hire an artificial intelligence development company.

How much time do you take to develop an AI?

Generally, the time it takes us to develop an AI is six to eight weeks. The time can increase if the specific requirements of a client go against the grain. However, if a client needs an AI solution delivered on short notice, they can opt for expedited delivery. To know more, you can get in touch with our sales team regarding the same.

Will I get the tech support I need after the handover of the AI?

Our artificial intelligence developers will work with your company to implement the AI solution. Furthermore, we will continue providing tech support until the AI reaches an optimal state. We understand tech solutions generally take time to get optimality after going live. Thus we offer unconditional tech support to clients.

What is the development cost of building an AI?

Generally, the requirements of every client walking through our doors for an AI system are different. Some need AI for marketing automation, while others need it for business analytics. Since the requirements are different, giving an exact quote for artificial intelligence development is impossible. Thus, you should get in touch with our sales team to get an accurate quote.

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