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Why areAR VR App Development Services at UdeyTech Special?

Technology is now capable of changing the way we see and perceive things. For brands, developing AR apps is slowly becoming a way to get ahead and above the competition. The only challenge in the way is hiring the right AR development company. What is special about augmented reality app development services at UdeyTech?

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Efficient Methodology

When it comes to new tech like AR and VR, a deep understanding of the subject matter is essential. UdeyTech is an AR development company with a deep rooted knowledge of AR and VR as technologies. We saw these technologies coming a long time ago. There is no other AR app development company better than us on technology.

Building an AR app is a tedious process. An unprepared augmented reality app development company will naturally take a lot of time in developing an AR app. At UdeyTech, our developers are trained in latest AR technology. This allows us to deliver AR apps within an optimal timeframe, something other AR VR development companies cannot claim.

To be good at AR VR development, the need for good developers is obvious. Finding a good AR app developer is a real challenge. At our augmented reality app development company, we have a framework in place to make sure the best AR app developers in the industry join UdeyTech.

For virtual reality development companies like our own, resources are not enough. In AR VR development, the right way of working becomes very important. With UdeyTech, you get an AR development company with a modern technology which takes into account every aspect of the app building process.

AR VR App Development Technologies
We Work With


Apple ARKit

Apple ARKit is an SDK for iOS developers to create AR apps. Since Apple app development is very different from Android, using a separate Apple SDK makes sense.


WikiTude is a very powerful SDK with features such as mapping, localization, smart glass integration, image recognition, cloud recognition, image tracking, and so on.



Vuforia is the most popular AR app development SDK. It provides all the necessary functions an AR developer needs to create an AR app.


Maxst is also an AR SDK. It comes in two forms – a 2D SDK for tracking images and a 3D SDK for tracking the environment. It also comes with other basic features like image tracking.


Google ARCore

Google ARCore is basically a toolkit giving Android developers the tools needed to develop AR apps. The SDK works with Java, Unreal, and Unity.



Unity is by far the most popular VR development platform. Most VR apps you see today are made using Unity as the development environment.

UdeyTech AR App Development Portfolio

For something as complex as AR app development, brands do not risk hiring spring chicken firms. At UdeyTech, we have a long track record of being amongst the top AR VR development companies. Our portfolio bellow speaks to the same.

website development
Website development
Forex Academy


Our Very Own Cross Platform App Development Process

We are always amongst the top AR VR development companies partly because of our discipline approach to building apps. The six-step AR development framework again highlights our credentials as an AR VR app development company.
JavaScript Development

Step One

Market Research to Understand Brand Expectations and Audience Needs
JavaScript Development

Step Two

Settling on Features, Functions and Creating Mock Up
JavaScript Development

Step Three

Developing AR App with Best Technology
JavaScript Development

Step Four

Testing App for Bugs
JavaScript Development

Step Five

App Handover to Clients
JavaScript Development

Step SIX

Providing Tech Support and Making Changes Based on Feedback

How Are We Different as an AR Development Company From the Market?

At UdeyTech, we are ahead of our competition in terms of technology and talent. For many, these are big enough reasons to be different. Not for us. We stand apart from many other augmented reality development companies for one simple reason – we don’t compromise on our values.

We Deliver

We Know

We Commit

We Care

When you invest large sums of money in AR development, you don’t just expect a rag-tag application. You expect the firm you hire amongst other virtual reality development companies to actually deliver something good. UdeyTech is one such AR development company where the core philosophy includes delivery in quality and substance.

Augmented virtual reality companies cannot afford to not know stuff. A new technology like this requires the calming influence of a smart AR development company with a lot of knowledge and experience. With UdeyTech as your AR VR development company, you get both of these essential traits.

You will notice how AR VR app development services are skeptical about committing to deadlines. This is because a virtual reality app development company gets bogged down by the scale of the job. At our top AR development company, you will never notice us hesitating to commit because we have mechanisms in place to get the job done.

The success of our clients, augmented reality app companies, is essential for our own growth. As an AR development company, UdeyTech knows it cannot move forward if clients don’t succeed. This is why our AR app developers never stop working to make clients happier and satisfied with their app.

Why Choose UdeyTech?

Choosing UdeyTech is easy for one simple reason. We actually do know how to make our clients successful. We are not an AR VR development company who is only good at pitching augmented reality development services. Our developers know the things they need to do to make the clients grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

Before hiring a company for AR VR development services, it is good to ask questions. To get a good AR app, clients have to invest a lot of money. Thus, making a decision on the right AR development company is crucial. The FAQs below will help readers make a decision –

Q) What is AR? What is VR?

A) AR refers to augmented reality. It is a technology which takes a graphic image on digital devices and superimposes it in the real world in the eyes of the user. VR refers to virtual reality. Virtual reality is a technology that creates a simulated experience in the real world. The headset gamers use these days is an example of VR technology.

Q) What is the difference between AR and VR?

A) The primary difference between AR and VR is the scale in which they alter reality. While AR only creates the illusion of taking a digital image and placing it in a person’s view of the digital world, VR completely changes the way a person is perceiving the real world.

Q) Is AR and VR app development something I can learn on my own? Do I need to hire an AR development company?

A) AR and VR development is a very complex topic. Even regular app developers don’t venture into this side of app development. However, as difficult as it is, you are free to learn both AR and VR development. If you’re trying to become a developer, you must learn these skills. However, if your goal is only to develop an AR app for your business, it will take you over 24 months to become good enough to develop an AR app. It could even take longer as AR tech is constantly evolving. Don’t forget you have to run your business during this period of time as well. A better option for you is to hire an AR development company. This will take the load of app development off your shoulders. You will get an app developed by experts while you do what you know best – running your business well.

Q) Should I choose cross platform development for AR VR apps?

A) If you choose UdeyTech as your AR development company, you can leave these questions to us. Our developers will make an AR app based on your exact requirements. If you wish your app runs on both Android and iOS, our developers will make sure the same happens.

Q) How much time will you take to develop the AR app?

A) It will take us at UdeyTech over eight to ten weeks to develop an AR app for you. Again, there are various things that can change depending on the requirements of our clients. If the AR app our clients need is standard, app development should take less than eight weeks.

Q) What if I need the delivery of the AR app is a short span of time?

A) Our AR VR app development company knows exactly how to develop a modern AR app in a short span of time. If clients want, they can choose the option of an expedited delivery at the beginning and our developers will set up the process accordingly.

Q) Will your company provide the necessary tech support for the AR app?

A) Our developers will keep working with clients and provide tech support after the delivery of the app.

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