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Why Are Android App Development Services at UdeyTech Unique?

Any company thinking of building an app has to generally consider Android development at some point. Either in hiring an Android app developer or an Android app development company, the challenge is certainly real. In UdeyTech, you thus have a company offering unique Android app development services. Moreover, here are some qualities which set us apart.

We Know the Terrain

Optimal Timeline

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Modern Methodology

Generally speaking, there is no other company offering better Android app development services than UdeyTech. This is because we know the terrain better than anybody. Firstly, mobile apps change every day. Revolutionary features of today subsequently become old stories tomorrow. You need an Android app development company that can above all guide you through this time of change.

One of the first questions you generally ask an Android app developer is how quickly your app will be ready. This is natural because you need to set your own affairs in order accordingly. Our Android application development company helps most importantly fasten the development process. Thus, we make sure speed is never an issue. 

You generally want to hire an Android app development company that has the most talented developers. A talented team can ensure your brand gets an app that both grows the business and enhance brand image. Thus, our Android application development company has mechanisms in place to make sure the best talent comes to UdeyTech. In short, we have the best developers in the market. 

The best companies generally don’t just have the most resources. Furthermore, they have a methodology in place to use these resources. At UdeyTech, we have both the necessary resources and a methodology in place to use these resources well. Not every Android development company can above all attest to the same. Thus, our methodology helps us do well as a company. 

Android App Development Technologies
We Work With



Java is a very popular programming language. It is generally known well in the world of bits and bytes. As a language, it above all finds great use in Android development. A good developer must moreover know Java.



Kotlin is slowly becoming a great option for Android app development because it reduces the need to write useless code. It also works seamlessly with both Java and its standard library.  


Xamarin is used generally during cross-platform development. It is, in addition, the best Android app software around. It can be used to develop both Android and iOS apps together.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the most popular Android IDE. It was developed by Google and is used by a range of developers for app development.


Before Android Studio, most developers used Eclipse as their choice of IDE. Despite Google no longer working with the IDE, many developers still prefer it to Android Studio.


Android SDK

At its heart, Android SDK is a software toolkit Android developers use for app development. Many operating systems have their own separate SDKs

Our Android App Development Portfolio

Do you want to hire an Android development company where developers scramble for an online Android app maker every time you ask a question? You need to go with experience and track record. UdeyTech, as an Android app development company, has both.

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Our Android App Development Process at UdeyTech

The beauty of building innovative apps is that every company can follow a different process and still find success. An Android app development most focus on creativity as much technical knowledge. Here is the six-step framework we follow at UdeyTech to build Android apps.
JavaScript Development

Step One

Market Research to Understand Brand Expectations and Audience Needs
JavaScript Development

Step Two

Settling on Features, Functions and Creating Mock Up
JavaScript Development

Step Three

Developing Android App with Suitable Technology
JavaScript Development

Step Four

Testing App for Bugs
JavaScript Development

Step Five

App Handover to Clients
JavaScript Development

Step SIX

Providing Tech Support and Making Changes Based on Feedback

What Sets UdeyTech Apart as an Android App Development Company?

UdeyTech is a distinct name in the tech space when it comes to providing Android application development services. For years, we have done our best and then some more to get the best developers and follow a modern methodology. However, what really sets us apart are our values.





When clients vest their trust in us to build their company an Android app, we above all take that trust seriously. For us, delivery is not about generally putting together something using a cheap online Android app maker. When we speak of delivery, we moreover speak of deliverance in quality. Our Android development services showcase as much because we take our values seriously. 

Developing a mobile app is generally a tedious process. Furthermore, no brand wants to risk hiring a rookie Android app development company. At UdeyTech, we above all know the chasms in a tough development process. As an Android mobile app development company, we, in addition, grasp the overall difficulties of the process. 

The first sign you shouldn’t generally hire an Android app development company is hesitation. On the contrary, you will never have this problem at UdeyTech. Furthermore, we have figured out how to deliver apps in an expedited time frame through years of experience and many cups of coffee. We commit to deadlines because we can meet them.

We care because we know only client success can eventually bring us success. In conclusion, it’s really simple. We are involved in custom Android app development to generally work towards building a positive-sum game. In short, we win by creating an app, the client wins by leveraging the app, and the audience wins by engaging with the app.

Why Choose UdeyTech?

Every brand wants to hire the best Android app development company. What makes a company the best? Our theory is that a company which plans for the success of its clients is ultimately the best. This is why UdeyTech has a plan to make each of its clients successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)‘s

When you make the decision to get an Android app for your brand, you’re making a serious plunge. A bad app can seriously derail your business trajectory. The FAQs below will help you with the decision of hiring an Android app development company.

Q) Do I have to develop an iOS app separately from Android app development?

A) Yes, an Android app won’t be compatible with any Apple device like an iPhone or iPad. You can either go for iOS app development separately or start with cross platform development from the beginning.

Q) Which company developed Android?

A) Google developed Android and made it an open source for the whole world to use freely. Today, Android is the most used smartphone OS in the world.

Q) Why can’t I just learn Android development? Why should I pay money for an Android app development company?

A) You can learn Android development, yes. In fact, unlike iOS development which is much more tedious to start learning, Android is open source. You don’t need a special OS to start learning. Yes, you can learn Android development and develop an app for your company. The only problem is this – it will take you atleast a year to do this, even more if you’re new to programming. Don’t forget you have to run your business on the side as well. The better solution is to hire an Android development company and forget about the problems.

Q) Should I just hire the Android app developer near me?

A) This is your choice. Our recommendation is – no. We live in a digitized world where you can build a business by targeting the audience of another country sitting thousands of miles away. You should use the technology at your disposal. Hire an Android app developer who suits your needs, not the one near where you live. Do what’s best for your business.

Q) What is your timeline on developing an app?

A) Usually, our timeline for app delivery is eight to ten weeks. However, this situation can change depending on the requirements of our clients. If the features and functions clients need are limited and standard, we can deliver the app much sooner.

Q) What if I need the app sooner?

A) We have a system in place where your app can get delivered to you in a more expedited timeframe. You don’t need to worry about timelines as we have multiple options on how to serve your needs best.

Q) How much input can I expect from your Android development company on the design of the app?

A) Besides developers, our team at UdeyTech also consists of many UI/UX designers who’ve spent years designing websites, apps, and other softwares. They will help you see the design part clearly. We will not finalize any design without getting a go-ahead from you. We can understand why the app’s design is important to you. After all, the look and feel of the app ultimately decides if the app does well in the market. This is why we make sure our UI/UX designers and developers collaborate with you on the design part.

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