9 Essential Features of a Real Estate Websites

real estate websites


real estate websites

Real estate business is highly competitive as well as highly rewarding. The invention of new and modern e-commerce development tools have made it easier for people to create own real estate websites. Although there are innumerable real estate websites, only a few of them stand on the top-notch of search engines.

Therefore, if you want to create real estate websites, you have to do it all perfect. You need to compete with websites like Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.  Similarly, your website should be trendy, and able to achieve greater customer engagement, SEO compliance, and competitiveness in nature. Apart from these, you have to integrate the following features in your real estate websites:

Good Website Design:

Good and unique design is inevitable for real estate websites. Similarly, the good design incorporates an appealing theme along with the prominent display of CTAs, menus, links, and buttons.

Besides, you have to provide an eye-catching design with a seamless visualization of your properties. Such features establish your brand identity as well as give you a high professional reputation.


SEO Compliance:

Search engine optimization is very crucial for real estate websites. In order to let people find you in the first place, you should adopt several SEO tools to boost your website. As an option, you can use WordPress to build your website SEO friendly.

Also, many SEO strategies should be adopted to leverage your real estate websites. Similarly, there should be the presence of advanced search and filter options. Features such as search-friendly and easy navigability are the added advantages for your websites.


Mobile Responsive Design:

You will wonder to know that more than 60% of people in the US use mobile a device to access the internet. Therefore, it is crucial to design your website with a mobile responsive design. It should be part of your website makeover strategy.

Similarly, make sure that your website is displayed decently on smartphones, mobile phones, and tablets alike. It can help increase traffic engagements. Moreover, mobile responsive design increases their experience with your property and services.



In fact, people have become more aware investing in their properties. They are not just keen on the property alone, but also on open space and amenities. Similarly, more buyers tend to buy or rent on properties that have the desired amenities and open space.

The best real estate website should exhibit the amenities of properties such as parking space, swimming pool, kids-play area, gymnasium, etc. moreover, this is one of the features which can distinguish itself from the competition.



Currently, we cannot imagine the real estate website without the IDX feature. You may ask, ‘What is IDX?’ ‘Why is it so important?’ Well, IDX is an abbreviated form of Internet Data Exchange which directly pulls data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and displays them on user’s websites. This feature enables realtors to show MLS properties on their websites.

It also makes easy for agents/brokers to show all MLS properties on their websites. Consequently, more leads can be generated to your business.


Front-end Listing:

This is one of the important features for realtors’ websites. Similarly, front-end listings provide the ability to submit listings via a front-end form for review using a short code.

The users who register and apply to become the submitter, once approved are free to upload new listings from their front-end dashboard. Furthermore, it also provides users to:

  • Property search
  • Search filtering
  • Property detail pages
  • Contact seller
  • Agent signup/login
  • Online payment integration


Image Gallery:

Nowadays, websites are increasingly dominated by images. If you are in business, especially in real estate business, images can make a vast difference in your marketing strategy. First of all, people want to see what their properties look like, then decide whether to invest in it or not. Therefore, the images must be appealing to them.

However, they also need to upload the customized images so that the load speed of the page is not affected. Appealing images help draw more visitors on your website, consequently, customer engagements increase drastically on your websites.


Social Media Sharing:

If you have built your site good in every aspect, now all you need to do is the social media integration. For this, you need to know social media marketing tips. It can prove a great tool to increase your brand awareness.

Similarly, the users share property details on their social media profiles. Likewise, the links of your real estate website can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and so on. This helps in increasing traffic engagements and generating leads.



Blogs usually gives voice to your business. Similarly, it helps establish you as an expert in a particular field. Likewise, blogging enables your user/reader to get a better insight into the real estate market. However, it is also a reliable feature that draws targeted traffic and converts them into leads.





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